Guilty Crown 02 - CC V2.0

So they are trying very hard to make this show as a shounen version of Code Geass, and they are succeeding. They are in the Noitamina time slot, so this style story would cater to a larger audience. I can't say the direction of this anime is particularly bad, but it isn't good either. The only real plus I can take away from this show is Supercell and high budget production that shows.

Well this episode they gave a bit more background to what is going on but not before our main character beats another mech with his super sword. I'd also like to mention, our CC of this series likes to sing now instead of eating pizza all day, definitely an upgrade. She really wants main character bad though, following him around telling him to use her, sigh sigh.

Interesting that they went a different route with their mecha design. So there are mechs that can be  piloted remotely and ones you actually get in. I am guessing the remote piloting is a much more expensive mech that is less responsive; I mean you need some sort of balance in the anime XD

We enter the main reason our main character is now special, a King's Power. They just aren't even trying to hide that they are reusing so much of Code Geass' material. At least we know there will be at least two big bad bosses since they said three tubes were successfully created. I guess they will battle it out with their super powers since the main character clearly won't win a battle of wits! What large deviation from Code Geass (no really, it is).

Well this second half of the episode definitely had a  huge Code Geass feel though. Everything down to the fine details being planned out, surprised they didn't just have the main character swinging his sword charging in since they are going for shounen. So we also learn he can pull weapons out of everyone, I wonder how they were sure what would come out of that other pilot? It seemed like a pretty big gamble to me...  Does that make that other pilot his bitch too?

Second last row beside that window, really gunning for that cliche aren't they?

This anime is just feeling pretty bland with lots of stolen bits from Code Geass, talk about one trick pony. At least the high budget they have makes everything look good. My hopes for this anime are slowly trickling away at a slow pace, it still has some promise, but it will probably stick with its shounen style. Time for our high school life anime to take over all the battles, inb4 school festival episode.