Mashiro-Iro Symphony 03 - Ben-To in my Mashiro-Iro?

Everything is bland as usual with our main character, he is putting out extra strong vibes to woo our tsundere character into his harem though; He is succeeding pretty quickly too. It was a pretty boring episode until the end where I swear they took scenes right out of Ben-To. I couldn't stop screaming "Not Ben-To in my Mashiro-Iro!" It sure would be an awesome twist if Mashiro followed the same base story though.

Nothing like confiding in your imouto for advice when she doesn't even care enough to put down her book to talk to you. Anyone else notice her book is literally called Book? Then again, if I was an imouto looking to get in my onii-chan's pants, I wouldn't be paying attention either. Why would you give lover advice to get your rival?

I am liking the purple hair one so far... I think I just like purple hair. The little mascot helps  too, especially when it sits on her head all the time; It makes the perfect hair accessory. To bad she doesn't really have much personality yet, kinda like the red head, Hope she gets her episode soon. Nothing like an awesome hair accessory to make a character top notch.

This was just way too early, the tsundere already showing  scenes of caving and it is only episode three. They usually keep their hard exterior until their focused episode, at this rate, she will be cracked before that even happens. I hate her anyways, so better to get her tsundere crap over with and we can focus on other chars; Not the imouto though, she is worse.

The super sale at a supermarket already got me thinking Ben-To, the second they showed this image I couldn't stop relating them. By the time the tsundere was standing infront of the bentos, I was screaming at my screen. Having her want to wait for the price to reduce just furthered increased the volume of my screaming. Seriously, god they were so similar.

God how retarded to find out now that you need to wind your watch... unless they wanted to join the harem too...

This anime is pretty boring but I can't stop the colour wars! Maybe if they decided to give the characters at least a personality, even 1D, would be helpful. Only three of the girls really have anything and they are all pretty bad. Btw, I wonder which one will somehow turn out to be a childhood friend? All harem anime have a childhood friend.