Un-Go Ep02 - Rant

This a rant of Episode 2 of Un-Go, for the summary please refer to Aaro and Envy's post here. 
After the initial scene with Yuuki and Inga at the Dol-pli release, which is apparently the future of Vocaloid, we are suddenly shown the suitcase murder for the episode, with Kaishou supposedly solving it. I felt like I was being distracted with the introduction, before being blindsided with this week's murder, along with Kaishou's deduction. The transition was so sudden that it took a few second for me to realize the shift in the scenes. The sudden change from Yuuki to Kaisho's scene left me confused as to what was going, with the question of why should I care.

With the announcement of the killer, they declared that the victim's lover was disguised as both the women from the cab, and the man who dropped off the briefcase at the mansion. I don't know who they are trying to fool, since it was pretty obvious that the guy couldn't possibly disguise himself as the two suspects. I couldn't help but think it will be another false accusation to cover for the real killer, and it turns out that was the case, so why not just tell Yuuki at the start, instead of having him run around to try and solve the murder?

At least the ending was wrapped up nicely, everything came together as Yuuki figured out that the fourth member of Yonaga was actually Osada An, the victim's daughter. We can clearly blame her mother for using her daughter's voice as the fourth band member, thus ruining any chance Osada An would have of becoming a singer in the future. Osada An's voice was used when she was at a young age for the fake Yonaga member, to help create the backstory of the band. The entire purpose of Yonaga was to support the war effort at home. Yuuki deducts that Kaishou had something to do with this, and clearly does not approve.

They look so cool in shades with serious expressions. 

The episode made some improvements from the first; including the process to solving the mystery, as well as showing more emotion from Yuuki. The only thing I hated about the episode was the method they chose to reveal the murder, by having a sudden cut from Yuuki and Inga at Dol-pli, to Kaishou randomly explaining it. I felt that the murder was basically thrown at my face demanding that I should accept it, it wasn't like last week's episode where we actually see the murder happen in real time with Yuuki present. The murder felt too sudden with low level importance of it. It also lacked any dramatic "gasps" of astonishment from anyone.

So excited!
I still find Inga and Yuuki enjoyable to watch, and I think Inga is my favorite character so far, with how mysterious, strange, and funny he/she is. We actually get a glimpse behind Inga's motives to find the truth of humans, during a confrontation between an ecstatic Inga and Yuuki. The character takes any chance it can to act creepy or childish, with no similarities to Yuuki's expressions, and I think it is this contrast which makes them such interesting characters.