Fate/Zero 04 - I think Lancer has wooed me!

Oh how awesome Lancer was in this episode. I'll even ignore the fact that fighting with 2 spears like that is pretty much impossible. There isn't much that happened plot wise, but it sure was a stunning episode. For the battle between Saber and Lancer to last the whole episode, it was way beyond my expectations. One of the best battles I have seen in a while.

He has shot up as my favourite servant in Fate/Zero next to Alexander the Great. It is more a personality thing, how he handled the battle and his own sense of honour in battle. I just liked his personality even if he used an impossible fighting style. Spears are tipped and rely on thrusting for its "main" damage. you wouldn't possibly be able to wield the long spear by swinging it around with 1 hand with that much force. The weapon is just too long to swing effectively with one hand. The most you could  do wielding two spears is to block and stab with the larger spear while relying on the short one for more "swinging".

I was surprised how early they revealed someone realizing Assassin was not dead; That seemed too easy. He is suppose to be a master at concealment, to be perched on such a high structure seems stupid. He deserves to have died, clearly he is pretty shitty at being stealthy. What a crappy servant to have drawn.

There are 2 other kinds though D:

Alexander with his kingly attitude is just awesome. Most the master and servants are pretty similar, for this pairing, it is like night and day. I love his style though, he doesn't want to resort to any tactics or tricks, just simply face off against the other servants to test his skills against theirs. The true aim of any great warrior is to meet other warriors to pose a challenge against. He just is perfect in this sense.

It was just an action packed awesome episode. I watched it twice back-to-back just because it was so awesome. I don't do that... like ever. I can't wait to see what happens now that Rider has hijacked the fight. I'm sure Saber will take the chance to disperse and Lancer will leave too. It is interesting how Fate/Stay night opened with a battle between Saber and Lancer too, a rivalry between the two classes. It is hard to tell if I like this or Penguindrum more right now, but they are have left everything else airing in it's dust.