Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi S2 Ep 02

I was really happy that I had procrastinated these reviews (2 & 3) for so long. I really enjoy watching and reviewing this series and it is just the show I need today. Achieving happiness can be such a simple thing; why do some of us over think it so much?

The favouritism just keeps increasing!
It's Christmas crunch time at the publishing house and everybody is frantic. There is a lot of yelling and screaming and flailing as the boys run around trying to get everything done in time for the printers before they close for the Christmas-New Year season. Takano entrusts Onodera with delivering the manuscripts to the printery with passing words like "be careful" which turn Onodera's insides into pudding. Upon returning Onodera is faced with Yokozawa and Takano who are going over to Takano's house. Onodera gets emo and jealous and takes his leave before the two; but not before Yokozawa berates him some more and reminds him that Takano's birthday is on 24 Dec. This episode made me realize that Yokozawa is the personification of Onodera's past decisions. Yokozawa constantly tells Onodera that he's not good enough for Takano, which is a natural thought when reflecting on their past.

Takano would not leave him alone until he answered his door.
Although Onodera can rationalize the fact that he forgot Takano's birthday, he mopes about it. At the department Christmas dinner, when everyone piles on Takano for being a playboy, Takano shifts the tease to Onodera by telling everyone to ask him to vouch for his personality. I find Onodera's tendency to blush from nervousness really cute. While I can relate to the massive discomfort of being put in this situation, it is fun to watch it happen to someone else. (Sadism? - Probably.) On the train ride home, Onodera wishes Takano a happy birthday a day earlier than his birthday, which falls on a weekend. Takano immediately asks for a present much to Onodera's dismay. Upon discovering Onodera is empty-handed, Takano asks him to go for a scenic drive with him on the 24th as a replacement gift.

I apparently use a voice sometimes which makes people look at me like this....XD
During the drive, Onodera reflects on a dream he had last night where he remembered his excitement at wanting to spend Christmas with Saga (now Takano) when they initially dated ten years ago. Takano tries to make small talk by asking Onodera about his New Years Plans. It turns out Takano's parents have divorced and have new families and it's hinted that he will most likely be spending it with Yokozawa unless Onodera manages to change that. Reflecting on their relationship, Onodera falls asleep and Takano does not wake him.

I waited 13 episodes for this. So. Worth. It.
The destination is a viewpoint overlooking a pretty cityscape. It's beautiful and an ideal date spot. Onodera, after much over thinking, wishes Takano a happy birthday again and they share a heart-warming moment. They discuss Takano and Yokozawa's relationship because Onodera refuses to comfortably let his guard down around Takano because of all the things Yokozawa says to him. When Takano finally yells at Onodera to believe him instead of Yokozawa, it finally sinks into Onodera that this relationship he had needs a serious revisit.

Even though the present is so unsexy?
After some of this and that and this and that, I think Onodera has finally come to terms with the fact that it is okay for him and Takano to pick up their relationship where it left off. While I'm not an advocate for getting on and off the relationship train, I can understand and am happy for second chances. Reconciling with your past and taking big risks for your future requires a lot of courage, especially for over-thinkers like Onodera. Although the world is fictitious, I'm happy he took that first step and I look forward to seeing where it takes him. Since this pairing has been so heavily focused on the courtship so far, I'm looking forward to their development now that Takano has secured Onodera's commitment.