Gundam Age 03 - The Fate of the Commander


As cheesy as this episode was, I couldn't help but shed a tear; I guess I am just too easy D: It was an okay episode as we watch our main character fire blindly at the enemy and an evacuation that is STILL not finished. They need to pick up the pace of things in this anime. They like to drag out the battles by watching dancing lights fly around so they can even save on animation budget, tsk tsk.

At least they took the time to explain that spamming the AGE system does nothing. It isn't about the gear, it is about skill! Words I spam when playing Dragon Nest, but I digress. We can't have a billion weapons shooting out constantly, that would be too easy! I am assuming the weapons you see in the opener will all be eventually made.

So main character's new crush touches his hand and he magically can aim now. Seriously, all they are missing is the seed scene and it all fits together. The battles in this anime lack movement, they cut off to a light on screen flying around often rather then animated the battle. I guess the Gundam would need a beam saber for that to be more effective though. What is a Gundam without his trusty beam saber?

She clearly is more then meets the eye. Premonition abilities? She is either in league with the UE or in league with the UE. They are probably setting up that whole revelation of her betrayal, sad, because she wasn't that bad. I don't know why they would even let her leave in the first place, clearly she is a good influence on main character's piloting ability.

So we get introduced to a new pilot next episode. Why did they not wake him for the battle if he was a super pro pilot? Either way, this anime is probably the slowest of all the anime I watched this weekend. It wasn't bad per-se, it just wasn't standout. The only real moment was the tear jerker when the commander died. Still, we didn't get to know enough about him to be really attached yet. Hopefully we get some more Gundams soon, this model sucks.