Nichijou Ep25

So far, my external drive seems to be holding out well. Then again, did I really expect immediate failures? I put too much faith in random reviews from a few people with bad luck.

This episode of Nichijou was somehow focused on Sasahara again. What is with this sudden interest? Once again, it had very little to do with him directly and was more about random things that happened. One day, as the classes were changing, Fecchan and Weboshi pointed out to Tachibana that Sasahara had been sleeping (upright with his arms crossed, too) and so had remained in the classroom. After some prodding, she headed back to get him, embarrassed and in tsundere-mode. However, her excitement caused her to shatter his glasses when she slapped her hand down onto the desk.

Sasahara is so stiff...

Thus began the segment of the episode where Tachibana and Sasahara walked arm-in-arm through the school. Tachibana was quite embarrassed (but probably super happy), constantly rationalizing that she was the one at fault and it was her job to get Sasahara through the day since he couldn't see. Anyone who looked at them was undoubtedly confused - and, in a moment of excitement (for me), Mio, Yukko and Nano could be seen watching with fallen jaws.

It was funniest since he didn't see a problem with it.

The climax of the scene came when Sasahara informed Tachibana that he wanted to drop by the restroom before class and, after panicking for a little bit, Tachibana agreed to come along. However, Sasahara asked point-blank why she needed to and after her explanation of wanting to help due to being at fault, Sasahara revealed that his glasses were fakes. Tachibana, of course, shot him with various weapons, proclaiming that she was only getting rid of a bug on his arm. This entire scene almost leads me to believe that Sasahara knows that Tachibana likes him, but then I remember that he's more of a "laidback" guy that just wouldn't notice or care about these things. I would like to be proven wrong, though.

Breaking through real glass is supposed to hurt!

After a short with Takasaki-sensei asking Sakurais-sensei what kind of curry she liked, the scene returned to the moment that Mio, Yukko and Nano saw Tachibana and Sasahara walking down the hallway. Mio was completely unreachable, constantly replaying the moment in her mind, and she suddenly ran off - obviously in an attempt to literally run away from what she had seen. Yukko chased her while instructing Nano to run off and tell the teacher why they were absent. The scene of Yukko running after Mio, constantly yelling out "Mio-chan", while Mio did some outrageous things was much too funny to properly discuss.

The guy with the top hat!

As the scenes continued (including Mio and Yukko destroying a daifuku photoshoot by running passed Nakanojo's father and revealing his mohawk), it culminated in Mio diving into a river (after licking her fingers and putting them in her ears for a moment; what was that supposed to do?). It turned out that she, acting with her all-consuming emotions, had dove in to save a drowning boy, pulling him out and taking him to shore right before the boy's friend arrived with a police officer. (The same guy that Mio had beaten up in a previous episode to protect her yaoi drawings.) The old man with the top hat arrived, wanting to offer Mio the chance to join him and take over the boxing world (back-door pilot for a shounen show?!), and Mio finally broke out of her reverie to laugh at everything that had happened.

I wonder why that statue is randomly there.

This episode really did the connections well, as the next scene focused on Nakamura-sensei. She saw Nano running passed her with Sakurai-sensei and Mai (in order to chase after Yukko and Mio), but then lost them when they turned a corner. As she attempted to determine what to do, especially on how to find Nano's house, she stumbled right to the Shinonome Institute. As she tried to calm her beating heart, her concepts of what the house was like was very ridiculous. On that note, though, I have no idea what Professor's lab looks like and I can't say that I'm not interested.

So surprised that her heart's heart jumped.

As she actually did approach the house, Biscuit-kun (I'm glad he wasn't put out of commission or anything like that) found her and asked what she was doing. Nano came out and invited her teacher in. (So when is this taking place? Has Nakamura-sensei really been wandering around until the school day finished?) Nakamura-sensei was constantly careful, but she eventually just blurted out the purpose of her visit - to get to know more about Nano. Of course, the robot took that in quite the wrong way, stating that she thought it would be best to be normal in "those regards" (lesbianism). Seeing the two characters sitting at the table and just blushing off their faces was actually a little cute.

How can she manage getting more and more covered by it?!

Professor actually walked into the room and while Nakamura-sensei initially assumed it was a little sister of Nano's, Professor just came out and said that she had made Nano. While they argued over the fact that Nano was trying to pretend to be a normal girl, Nakamura-sensei freaked out in trying to determine what was going on. Sakamoto walked in as this was going on, with a bag on his head that Professor had tied on (in an effort to make a teru-teru bouzo?). Nakamura-sensei freaked out even more, thinking it was a homunculus (really?) and tried to make her exit discreetly by asking for the bathroom and then running straight outside - into the glue that Professor had created ages ago. Ah, life is so hard for her.

That would probably freak the hell out of me.

The last little bit of this episode was Yukko, Mai and Nano worrying about Mio. She seemed fine, but they worried that she was just hiding her pain. So their brilliant plan was to dress up in daifuku costumes and accost Mio on her way home, giving her a prize after she won the rigged lottery. As strange as it sounds (and looked), Mio was actually really touched with her prize - a note saying that they would be friends forever, complete with their personal stamps. (Mai had also thrown in a carving as Mio was walking off, as if their identities weren't already pretty clear.)

What could have compelled you to walk through this kind of tall grass to begin with?

There was one more scene after the ED, where Tachibana and Sasahara had managed to get lost and were walking through some really tall grass. It's scenes like this that makes it pretty clear they'll be a pairing. However, with just one more episode to go, I don't think it could possibly be resolved for this season.