Ben-To 01 - The Ice Witch


Well I was expecting this to be just a wacky slapstick anime but it turned out quite good. It had an extremely action packed OP which lead me to believe this anime is more action based, I was right as always. Definitely a much better show then I was expecting and I was already sold on the PV. Problem is it will be hard picking up so many anime on the weekend but I'll see...

Ninja Mode!

So the first real character to be introduced is the stalker! What a nice place to start off. She definitely makes a good side kick character, it just sucks she is going to be ignored all season by main character. It is clear main character only has eyes for the ice witch. Life as a sidekick is suffering.

Is it just me, or does she look exactly like Sarasvati from Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? She really hasn't gotten much screen time to know much about her other then her obvious crush for the girl that likes the main character. I wonder if she will be joining the harem too, or just a side character for battling and such. More info on her would be nice since I wanted to know about Sarasvati too.

Finally we get to see the ice witch in action. She seems like the kinda character that I wouldn't like. They are putting too much emphasis on her mysterious appeal which doesn't attract me. Maybe once she gets a proper introduction I might like her more. She definitely gave a good performance this episode dancing around her enemies.

Time to make a high selling series!

It was much more action packed then I expected. I will be looking forward to this anime for this aspect, the issue will be time constraint doing so many series. Kind of hard to give a definite answer when the fansub groups seem to all be doing whatever they want at the moment. At least Crunchyroll was always consistent on release time D: