Gundam Age 01 - Seizon Senyrakuu!!!.... Wait Wrong Show...

Well this episode turned out pretty good. It reassured me that the story will be decent, just the art style has changed. I definitely enjoyed this episode, they didn't do some fail quality like Persona 4. I am kinda skeptical about the enemy they are battling though, to be outright called an unknown enemy? This is obviously much bigger then we are told.

Would you really entrust your son to the fate of the world? I mean a young kid that you want to protect, and you send him into harms way; That is called bad parenting! So from what we know, he comes from a super famous family that created mobile suits. At least they showed he wasn't just your "average" person right from the get go.

Seriously, they are really pushing that evilness of the unknown enemies (UE). Considering how little is known about them, I can only assume their are actually human. This series is the flip side of the coin of 00. The UE is really the celestial beings doing their interventions! At least that is my theory, which is probably wrong. They are clearly going for the UE to be something else entirely where the main character might even switch sides!

As always, main character is dense as hell. He already has a girl following him around everywhere he goes. I'm 100% sure mid way through, she will confess and he will be all "WTF I DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING!" At least she seems likable from what we seen of her so far, even if she has an unrequited love atm, ganbatte!

I actually love the designs for the UE, so much better then the Gundam look. Maybe I'm just not a fan of the old school Gundam style, but I didn't see any that looked attractive in the OP. I much rather see the UE models more. I'll try and follow this one episodically as I have high faith that the series will deliver at least a decent plot to follow. It clearly is not the kids show writing style, just the art style. Inb4: Deconstruction!