Mirai Nikki: First Impression

And we all thought you were going to die.
This show really surprised me, not only did it look a hell of a lot better than the trailer's animation, but the story and major characters were shown without bombarding us with info dumps. There was a lot of suspense and action, I will definitely keep up with this show.

Onto the events that unfolded.
Right off the bat we are introduced to a few pretty violent scenes with murder and good old blood smears. I enjoy this type of stuff. The majority of the show felt very mysterious and created an ominous environment for a large portion of it's duration, almost to the point where I was feeling sick, but it thankfully it didn't reach that point and I was kept interested throughout the episode.

Yukkii Amano is your not so typical student at school and is not involved with any friends or girls. He is quite the loner who keeps a diary of his everyday events and records them on his cell phone. When he goes home he often visits his imaginary world with his imaginary friends, Deus Ex Machina, the god of time and space, as well as a little impish girl named Murumuru. These are his only friends, however very shortly Deus sends him a text message telling him of the days events that will unfold. Soon enough everything in his text "future diary" comes true. OK stop, this is totally reminding me of SMT: Devil Survivor for the DS, but at least it isn't totally copied and they add more depth to this, sort of.
I think hes some sort of bird
Carrying on, Yukkii confronts Deus and learns that his life will end if he looses his cellphone because it contains his "future" in the form of a diary. All of the sudden some magical sprinkle of happiness is given to us and breaks the ominous mood, as Yukki sees this as a way to go about life with knowledge of everything that happens to him.
You totally don't
Just as he continues sitting on his high chair, he is abruptly sent tumbling over as a random mysterious stare is laid upon him from his classmate Gasai Yuno. And here we are, back to the ominous mood that has been happening for half the show so far.
Oh hai
Soon enough everything starts to unfold. Finally, we arrive to what all the mental suspension was leading up to, Yukkii's imminent death foretold by his own future diary.
I'd be more worried about the "I'm dead." part
Yuno initially appears as a psycho who is trying to kill Yukkii, or so we thought, as she is just a psychotic stalker who is obsessed with him and totally freaks me out, and I love that. These characters are awesome to me, I just love the whole psychotic mental behavior of characters so I guess I might be giving more praise for the show than necessary, but hey, what are you going to do about it?
Holy shit, you'r creeping me out.
So Yukki is foretold that he will die here by the third, which is the serial killer. Thanks to Yuno, Yukkii makes an epic, and I mean epic, throw of his dart to break the killer's cellphone, thus ending his life, through some sort of black hole vortex way, changing the future. I was expecting a more gory and gruesome death, as we had several disturbing scenes and plenty of blood smearing visuals earlier. Here's hoping for more of it though.
Deus Ex has created a game of survival in which the unwilling participants (who all have cellphone diaries) must kill each to take the prize of being Deus's inheritor of being the next god of time and space. I find this hard to believe since why on earth would he relinquish it, or is it some sort of deeper master plan?

Although this a pretty dark and sick themed show, the extra scene is pretty funny on how the Third ends up killing himself a few times with his murder diary that Murumuru messed with.

I really love how the show is shaping, we will hopefully see more psycho stuff from Yuno, and see just how Yukkii survives with help of his psycho stalker to beat the other contestants. I cant wait for next sunday to see how Yuno and Yukki get along.