Phi Brain Kami no Puzzle - 02 - Reward of the Sage

I'm really liking his character so far, he has potential
This episode was decent as we learn more info of the Sage Puzzles, as well as an introduction to what appears to be Kaito's rival. The episode starts off at the moment where Kaito solved last weeks puzzle, using the Orpheus Armband, he soon collapses and is taken home courtesy of Nonoha. An early indication of her concerns for Kaito, as well as her interests with Sage Puzzle adventures, are shown in this episode, and hopefully this will continue to develop her character in an indirect way.

Back at school we are introduced to a new character who is quite an odd-ball. Sakanoue begins the day by shouting "moron", or "baka" for Morse code from the top of the school to tell Kaito to meet him at the roof of the school.

He looks so odd, and has the weirdest laugh

Why did he even need the Morse code to begin with? Shouting "moron" repeatedly at Kaito from the school's rooftop should have been enough to agitate him, but since this show wants to put in as many puzzles as possible, (and the fact that there are a lot of puzzle maniacs here) then hey why not. Sakanoue also only solves puzzles for money, which is quite alright since it creates a good rivalry between him and Kaito.
Oh noez!
After solving more easy puzzles, (from Kaito's perspective anyway) he is called to the principles office for a chat about Kaito's role with the Sage Puzzles. We learn of how these Sage Puzzles are created and watched over by members of the POG, (the "Givers" is what they are called) which is some super puzzle-nerdy group who wants to test others in a showdown to earn the rights to have a crack at the Divine Puzzle, or something along those lines. Kaito, not caring at all, turns down the presidents offer to gain the title of "Einstein" and work for him, since Kaito doesn't care for treasures or any sort of reward and simply wants to solve the unsolvable puzzles. 
This was pretty funny as we see Kaito solve life threatening puzzles but gets caught in these traps, here he is fooled by Sakanoue in a butting-of-heads challenge of who can order more food and consume it. After the final order, Kaito is the only one who needs to pay since Sakanoue has a title with the school already, and gets free food with it.   
I was sad, how lame

Up next, the episode's main puzzle, which is a hell of a lot lamer in comparison to the last one. A real life "Rush Hour" puzzle where if not completed within 10 minutes will result with a bus dropped on their heads. How pleasant.

Although it was a lame puzzle handed out by a new member of the POG, it seems everyone knew it was easy, since the guy who made it decided to block the exit after realizing how easy it was for Sakanoue to solve it. And so, Sakanoue and Nonoha are left to panic, while Kaito uses his Orpheus powers to save the day since he's the smartest. Hurray!
Wasn't surprised he got axed, he sucked at making puzzles

Kaito decides to take up the principle's offer in order to gain the title of "Einstein" as well as free food. A rather humorous reason, but if Kaito's going to be solving puzzles regardless, might as well get the free food. We end with what appears to be a head member of POG who is somehow related to Kaito's past via the flashback Kaito had earlier.  

Ending Thoughts
Todays puzzle was obviously too easy and not creative at all, but since we are only on ep.2, I can forgive them for not blowing my mind with intricate puzzles off the get-go and expect them to do it for every episode, I just hope we do get a chance to see something captivating.
that sure looks confusing

Speculation time!
Mention of the "Children of Phi" from the principle and his knowledge of the Sage Puzzles, shows that he himself might be a "Giver", or related in some other way to the POG, as well as Jikugawa (the blonde guy who appears to be the principles bitch) is also somehow related to the POG.