C Cube 02 - Bitchin' Fun

A bit of a delay, since it was football Sunday, and I had some random homework to catch up on. This second episode was really what I was looking for in the series. I expected action and things really picked up.

The first half of the episode was basically your typical new-girl-transfers-into-the-class type of deal. This serves as the vehicle to briefly introduce a bunch of other characters who may or may not play a major role in the series. You have your gas-mask superintendent who seems to have a penchant for collecting various cursed objects (or was he searching for a specific one?). You have your suspicious bishie math teacher. Two random side characters that interact with the main cast are introduced, but I doubt they'll play any major roles.

I'm sure this purple-haired student body president, Kirika, will play a major role. She was seen in the PVs, and promotional pictures. It also looks like she's some kind of cursed object as well, likely with something to do with bondage.

From what we've seen of Fear's character, she exhibits symptoms common in characters that tries to distance themselves from others. Take the "I'll curse you!" for example. At first glance, it might look like a simple catch phrase to give her character a gimmick. Remember Hachikuji from Bakemonogatari? She was driving people away so they wouldn't follow her. Maybe it's the same deal with Fear. Although, it already looks like she formed some kind of attachment to Haruaki. Perhaps I'm just over-analyzing.

Things pick up in the latter half of the episode because the antagonist has arrived. So what do we know about this Peavy "Balancing Toy" Barroy? She's part of the Knights of Gathering, works with a faceless and nameless "Auxillary," wants to destroy all the filthy cursed objects, is a chain smoker, is incredibly prideful, doesn't manage her anger very well, and is quite the masochist. She also mentioned that her faction is one opposite of Haruaki's father. I certainly do hope his father makes an actual appearance, rather than being an off-stage character that has quite the influence on the plot.

The action scenes weren't super amazing, but it was quite well-choreographed. Again, there was very effective use of art direction, especially in Konoha's Sword-kill Counter scene. Oh by the way, Konoha is a katana. Peavy also reveals that Fear is actually a device of torture and execution, and saying it was much to Fear's chagrin is an understatement. Just look at her face!

It seems like Fear's switch really flipped to the sadistic side. Is this and the normal Fear one and the same? Or is this an alter-ego? Either way, it was a very fun episode to watch and I'm liking the direction this show is heading towards. Looking forward to some craziness next week.