Gundam Age 02 - A New Female Lead Appears!

Wow, he has already mastered the art of picking up chicks

This episode was a bit too slow for my liking. I mean 60% of the episode was spent on the evacuation, way too long if you ask me. We also finally get to see why it is called Gundam Age, which is an extremely horrible idea, what were they thinking? At least we get a new cast member to fill the role of the lover for our main character.

Wooo, this didn't look like your usual thing to do in a kids show! Why did he bother letting the other captain live, that is just a liability for him later. I mean it will be clear he jacked the battleship the second they find the gagged personal. Way to not know how to be a pro thief.

Quite clearly main character likes this girl, I guess the other girl that follows him around will be forever friend zoned. Your Lacus and Cagalli of this season, I mean she even has her crazy foreshadowing skills Lacus had. I am guessing that second pilot looking guy in the OP will be our Athrun so the friend zoned girl can have someone she can love too! Time will tell if I like the new Lacus clone, though I think she is really a spy from UE or some special prophet-like person that UE want to get their hands on.

So we finally learn what the Age stands for, some insane system that can build weapons whenever they need a new weapon. This is just a horrible system, it leaves it open to make as many new weapons they need so our hero can always win. A built in Deus Ex Machina right from the name, what an idea D:

That reasoning for the gun being super powerful was RIDICULOUS. Spinning a laser like a bullet doesn't make it "sharper" D: A laser functions by burning its way through, spinning it doesn't really help when you heat things to pierce through unlike a projectile based weapon. Then again, lightsabers wouldn't be able to function like swords either, damn me and bringing in physics and logic D:

It was just a very slow episode from start to finish, at least we get to see a 10 second battle scene at the end. Hopefully the next episode will be more action packed with more UE on the way. Their mecha design are just so much better. Go super drill laser gun, pierce the heavens with it!