Ben-To 02 - Enter the Wizard


This anime turned out to be the perfect thing to watch right before I sleep. A replacement for R-15 that I watched last season, except I actually enjoy this. This is turning out to be the classic shounen battle style, we watch our main character slowly rise the ranks. Not bad as it has been a while since I watched something using such a classic formula,  mixed with some decent supporting characters always helps too. O ya, the random panning down to stare at breasts and legs, Oh main character, you don't hide it.

Yes, that is exactly it.

I am loving our super yandere here, all she is missing is carrying knives around with her and she would be complete. She has already successfully kidnapped her lover two out of two episodes. Definitely my favourite character in this show, I can't wait until she starts showing up to battle for Bentos too; It is bound to happen with her awesome fighting prowess.

She isn't quite that good a female lead since the ice witch is clearly better. She feels more like a cheerleader then anything, I mean, this role is usually filled with a damsel in distress or a second warrior to battle with main character. First time seeing the female lead being a cheerleader. At least she seems okay, even if she is a bit too clueless a character. Inb4 she becomes super powerful or has some hidden powers.

For a "sensei" she really doesn't train her disciple much. All she has done is give him some pep talks and sent him to fight for himself. I was expecting some crazy training arc where he learns his first super finisher attack. It also seemed a bit too easy for his first victory, almost as if it was handed to him! On that note, I think the first enemy will be the wizard, he seems like nemesis material.

Dat wallpaper and ring tone is awesome

A good light and fun anime that doesn't take much thinking. You just relax as you watch the main character battle it out for half priced Bentos. Definitely one of the dark horse anime that surprised me at how well done it was. As long as subs are timely  (Saturday night), I'll probably continue this one too. I am picking up way too many shows this season, overworked :S