Fate/Zero 02 - The First to Fall

Another episode to introduce the rest of the contestants. We still haven't seen lancer and the person that has summoned him. At least things have started to be put in motion by the end of this episode. I am definitely looking forward to this anime, I am still praying I can last half a year without being spoiled. Must avoid all contact about this anime at all costs!

The way all the characters were introduced was better done then normal as I wasn't bored watching it. Why did commie not use the more well known name, Alexander the Great. I had to google who the hell he was before realizing. I guess he is going to be one of the better summons to battle it out. I always love to see the "what if mythical heroes battled it out?", this is part of the huge attraction to this series.

Spoken like a true champ!

So we learn that Saber and her master don't fully get along together. Though matching end goals should keep them working together. I think this is a slight prelude to a falling out between them, though it was mentioned last episode that they might not see eye to eye. My hair is tingling with anticipation.

We always need one psychotic one, and we have it here. Not everyone is righteous eh? A "bad" guy per-se to be targeted first so no one will care when he dies. Something about being a caster seems really weak though. Gotta be some super ultimate mage like Merlin, but from the story of him, he seems pretty crummy. He is just a small time murderer, maybe he should've tried summoning a more famous one like Jack the Ripper. That is what you get when you do a summoning by accident, he is such a trash magus.

For a servant to fall so quickly, I think it is all a hoax! It seems a bit too early to play that betrayal card. Gilgamesh looking pro as always. I can't wait to see how this betrayal will shift things. It is clear that the master will survive as he is in Fate/Stay Night. The question is if he someone steals another servant to keep battling? He seems too main a character to just disappear. I am definitely enjoying Fate/Zero, I really hope no one spoils it.