Grief Syndrome: First Lap Run

After getting all the files up on my fancy new computer, I decided to finally get around to playing Grief Syndrome and decided to record it, as well. Also, I had hoped to upload it sooner, but YouTube and my AVS software was being a jerk.

While the close-range characters (Kyoko/Sayaka) seem to be the most effective, I found Homura's abilities the most entertaining, after firing countless missiles, rockets, and bullets into enemies; however, it seemed to inflict petty damage in comparison to the melee characters.

The first two levels were a bit of a bore, with the third level having similar annoying enemies but a rather entertaining final boss. The fourth level had a nice silhouette art style and was a fun level overall, with a final boss that required me to actually really care for what the boss was doing and pay attention (since she had an instant-kill attack that killed me twice, once in the video). The final level was by far the most entertaining, with harder enemies that required more skill to defeat. The final boss was not as epic as I could have imagined, but I was satisfied with the multiple mechanics that she employed against me.

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I have only done one lap, and find it hard to go back and do another since the levels don't seem to change and I found the first 3 levels quite boring.