Penguindrum 08 - The Other Perspective of a Yandere

After this episode, I finally liked Ringo, but it was hard to pinpoint why. What I realized was that it was about showing how a yandere operated, rather than how they're viewed, since it's usually always from the male perspective. Yandere are always full of win, and this episode showed it in full throttle. This really helped since I was starting to get a bit bored with the anime. This was a good episode to move this way up again in my super awesome books.

There hasn't been much screen time for Himari lately, so it was nice to get a full scene with her. She seems to have taken up the role of the princess, a damsel in distress, that you are tasked with saving but don't actually see on screen much. Still, with her being oblivious to what the two brothers are trying to do, that leaves her without much screen time. It kind of sucks that she isn't being developed as a character; all we know is that she is held in high regards by both brothers and she sits around looking cute. It would be nice to know why.

Dem eyes!

Finally, I see the light. I see how awesome Ringo is now. She was always a bit crazy, but not enough to be amazing - until this episode. I have always had a soft spot for yandere characters; there really isn't enough of them in anime. It was just a different experience seeing it from her perspective rather than the male one that we get every other time. We now see how much work goes into being a good yandere; no wonder there aren't many out there. It seems like a much harder job than being a tsundere.

Dem physics!

So, we finally saw some insane stuff happening all episode; it was action-packed from start to finish. At first, you would think the one that tried to steal the book was the other brother, but you can clearly see boobs on the biker, so is it the Mystery Girl X that we know nothing about yet? Since it looks like they only have the first half of the book, she will give it up willingly since it can't predict the future. It's a useless book compared to the other half. They now have to track down a new person to get that second half.

My theory is that the Project M the other girl speaks of is something totally different; it was just named the same to confuse the viewers into thinking that it's the same. This was definitely an awesome episode and I can't wait for next week. I think Ringo is broken for good after this episode, and will start wandering around with those dead-looking eyes. Hopefully, she bounces back fast to her super awesome yandere mode!