Steins;Gate 18 - Mastery of Awkwardness

So, we finally got an episode focused on the trap and his ending. This episode was just brutal for me, being pretty much the horribly awkward first date. It's almost like Steins;Gate became a slice-of-life romance crap. I think it is the first time I had to pause this anime so many times in one episode.

Maybe he shouldn't have set off the trap's flag if he wanted to avoid this. I guess the biggest deal I had with this episode was the major shift from the general flow of things. With Ookarin usually carrying the boring parts with his witty banter, this was instead replaced with boring awkward conversations.

Super subtle!

So, yet again, the translated version of the Ruka ending for the VN is on YouTube. I think, after watching this, it was pretty obvious I just didn't like Ruka. It was a nice touch to show what would happen if they just let things go and not try to fix it. Not to be too spoiler-ific, but watching this felt kind of wrong to see someone else other than Ookarin be able to use the time leap machine. I guess it is the same as any other normal person time travelling, like John Titor; they just can't sense the divergence they created or if they are even creating one.

As much as I hated the trap and their shitty date, I can't help but feel bad for her. Her ending was rushed compared to Feyris, which seemed to have a much better done episode in general. I guess it's because nothing happened on their date, while Feyris' one was action-packed.

As the D-mails are almost all unwound, we are closing in on the climax. I guess it was more apprent now, but the "true" end is Mayuri's ending, where the other girls are bad ends, which feels kinda unfair. So, do we get a Kurisu ending soon, being the best girl of the group? I guess I'll see after the first disappointing episode of the series. I hope it doesn't become a trend.