Hanasaku Iroha 18 - A Mermaid's Dream

She looked horrible in that. The hat was the only thing tying it together.

So, it was an extremely short one-episode focus on Nakochi. I guess even the writers knew how boring this would be but felt obligated to throw it in. This episode was just brutal; watching Nako just squirm under pressure was a flimsy-as-hell plot for this episode. It was just brutal, from start to finish.

This was just outright the wrong foot to start off an episode. You have two parents that are arguing which is the best way to teach children, when they can't even handle teaching their own. That's totally irresponsible of the parents, if you ask me. Overworked and underpaid, she needs to get child support from her parents!

Hahaha, she left him to die.

Then we reached the root of her problem: she can't articulate herself outside of her own home. She is scared of everyone but decided to work as a waitress, where her job is to serve random strangers that constantly change. Talk about picking a job that doesn't fit you. The major issue is that she wasn't this bad before this episode; they decided to make it worse to make it seem like more of an issue. It really wasn't an issue before...

Absolutely caving under peer pressure, she buys clothes that others suggest in attempt to change herself. It's too bad she is too dense to realize that change could be anything; just specifying change is as arbitrary as saying tomorrow will be a different day. People are everchanging, whether you realize it or not. What she really lacks is self-confidence, if anything. That's something you can slowly learn, not just randomly change to anything else.

Her final resolution made for an anti-climatic feeling, like the rest of the episode. Realizing obvious truths and the fact that she's stupid should be the real moral of the story. The entire story revolved around her caving to the peer pressure all around her and acting like an idiot. It didn't help that the entire plot of the episode was forced into existence from a problem that didn't really exist in the first place.

That was an awesome pick-up line.

So, it looks like the next episode will be the first one focusing more on the school aspect. It is surprising they didn't do any other real school aspect other than a field trip to another hot spring. Maybe studying for exams and cramming would be even more boring, who knows. All I know is that they never have to study otherwise...