Hoshizora 12 - The Confession

Seriously, they seem to have given up so easily, like they didn't even care to begin with. The conclusion of this episode was pretty obvious from the prior one. Because things kind of just went as planned, I don't really care as heavily that the worst girl of the batch was picked. My heart was ready for the utter disappointment, and it didn't affect me as much.

She was seriously the worst girl out of all of them; even the pink-haired one was better and I hated the pink-haired one. All she did the entire anime was eat, even though she was already filled with brother issues. I was deadset that she was going to fail because of it; how she somehow turned that into love is beyond me. She doesn't deserve anything...

It was funny to see him unravel the scroll to see such a message. The better question is why Madoka went through with the plan. It makes no sense to just hand him off like that when she still might have a chance; I mean, anyone should be able to beat such a passive girl like Ui. Funnier still was Ui answering without at least pretending to open the scroll. I'm pretty sure her one was tampered with, too, but it would have been nice. At least seeing him throw open the scroll was pretty kool.

I guess I don't have much to say because nothing was out of the ordinary. You could see what was going to happen from a mile away and I had zero expectations for this episode. Sadly, the episode lived up to those super high expectations. Well, that is the end for Hoshizora. I'll make a final post for it later, although I doubt anyone cares about this show since there are like no other blogs writing about it.