Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai OVA

With all the brouhaha with Google vs. co.cc and the blog's switch to using a .com URL, I got the task of changing all the links within the blog itself. Really, Google, I fail to see how this isn't evil. At any rate, a 20min dose of ecchi from the OreTsuba universe made for a good break.

This might have been the only censored scene.

It turned out to be completely wrong of me to expect this OVA to have some kind of relevance to the story, because it was simply uncensored fanservice. There was plenty of full frontal nudity (sans details, so it was like looking at a Barbie doll with nipples). The setting was a hot spring, which made sense because it was confusing to not have a hot spring episode in the main series given the genres. Overall, this was really just an extra scene after the end of the series.

Way to break the fourth wall.

The episode began with Condor announcing that, this episode, they would really go all the way (along with other various lewd suggestions about getting sticky and whatnot). As a gag, the first scene shown was the improbable one of Narita, Chitose and Haneda at the hot springs together, wherein it quickly deteriorated into a kind of BL scene until Condor violently interrupted and the real show began.

Hm. Monkeys in Japan are wild.

The weak story was basically that, for various reasons, all the harem members were visiting the same hot spring on the same night. Chitose's harem (Hiyoko and the two other part-timers, Eriko and Kinako) was there on vacation from Alexander (with Master being the only non-harem character to be shown outside of the hot spring environment). Haneda's harem, comprising of Asuka, Yamashina and Takauchi (the one that picked on Haneda non-stop until Narita told her off), was there together (on some kind of school break?). Narita's harem consisted of Naru, the blonde girl Ai and the crepe lady Pal, who were all visiting together. For some strange reason, Kobato was there not only with her friend (the one introduced in ep12) but also Alice. How do they know each other...?

The prelude to a kinky game?

There were plenty of gratuitous shots, under the umbrella of girls simply hanging out together. Other than the first scene and a slight glimpse at the end, the male leads did not show up at all. Simply, this was really a fanservice episode. The sudden appearance of breasts did surprise me, as I hadn't known that this was uncensored, but that wore off quickly. Without the KEEP OUT tape plastered all over the screen, the various scenes of groping really did reach a new level.

I can see the merits of a foot massage.

To drive the ecchiness further, a rumour was floating around that going into the springs would be good for one's love life. It had something to do with the ghost of a woman in love that had died prior (by getting shampoo in her eyes, slipping on a bar of soap, and having an inconvenient landing, hilariously enough). To be honest, I genuinely didn't pay much attention to that story; it wasn't all that coherent or attention-grabbing.

"Mature", hm...

The rumour was revealed (to the viewer) to have been spread by Ohtori, who was also at the hot springs (most likely spying on Naru...?). It made sense, considering the girls eventually reached the conclusion that shampoo and soap were items to repel the ghost with, and began covering themselves (more like "each other") with the "slimy things" (as Kobato put it). It made for a lot of repeated scenes with the girls groping each other, without the tape that covered so much of the main series. (For her part, Yamashina really lived up to her siren status.)

Did they succeed?!

There's really nothing more to be said about this episode. It claimed to increase the skin by 90%, and it probably did. Being uncensored adds a lot to that. The taunts of having all the male leads in the same scene together provided fresh wounds after the terrible ending of the anime, but I suppose the randomness of the rest of the episode made up for it.