Denpa Onna 09-10 - What Next, a Time Traveller?

These two episodes worked well together for a pairing. They both centred around the new plot point and the upcoming baseball match to decide who holds the festival. I was seriously considering dropping blogging episodically for this anime, but I decided to persevere through these final two posts. This anime just feels less and less enjoyable lately. This is the only anime I torrent and watch days later.

Nothing huge happened in the 9th episode. They mainly introduced what all the characters will be doing during the summer, with a huge focus on the baseball match (which the entire town cares about). The main thing is that the characters keep doing what you expect them to do. With nothing extraordinary, the characters get a bit stale. I guess that is why they decided to add a new character to the cast.

I seriously expect another new cast member to be a time traveller later, to complete the joke. It'll be another eccentric character to add to the cast. It seems that every person in this town is eccentric, if I didn't know better. Maybe Makoto is really a god and created the entire world around him, wanting to surround himself with people of this type.

The only real question is if they are really going to put in the supernatural element into this anime. I mean, they did portray that she might actually have ESP powers. I think that would help the anime more than anything, giving Erio a chance to have proof that she is an alien, too. I can't say too much about ESPer, since all the characters are so eccentric in this anime that she doesn't stand out.

I am happy that Ryuuko is the closest one to the main character. She is my favourite in this anime and I do favour her to win. It seems like they might actually officially go out; that would definitely make things more interesting. I mean, he clearly owns a harem, so how will the other girls react to losing to Ryuuko? Though, I really doubt that plot line would last long.

That costume is awesome,

I guess what it comes down to is that I just find this anime uninteresting. This is the first time I've felt uninterested with an anime that I blog about, since I usually just drop it. The animation is starting to look funny to me, the plot is nonexistent and the jokes are getting stale. With no lingering plot strings that lead me on, it gets increasingly harder to sit through the entire episode.

Is she going to be the time traveller?

Well, with another post coming to a close, there are only two more episodes that remain, which I can bundle together again. Hopefully, the climactic baseball match and festival will turn out well, so I'll have an easier time watching it. It just feels so awkward to force myself to finish for completeness' sake. I guess blogging is serious business.