Hanasaku Iroha 12 - Ohana the Antagonist

Tohru wants the entire family at once!

This happened to be a nice turn of events for me. These last few episodes are starting to flow together instead of being just individualized, which is much better. Ohana finally seems more resolute and it also helps to learn that the Tohru X Ohana is sooo happening.

It was extremely nice to see Ohana be confronted by the competition for Ko. It's someone actually with a goal and also striving for it. It's too bad that these characters are never the main character, since the anime would be too short and I guess the general audience seems to not like seeing them in the main roles. Well, it made for a nice revelation for Ohana. A main character realizing that they were the antagonist is always an amazing thing to see.

I agree.

I mean, this is an extremely rarely used plot device, but I love it every time it is used. It gives the anime a more realistic feel, since everyone isn't a saint. We, and all anime characters, do things that are selfish, but anime usually swings it so that it seems like the righteous choice, even though it probably harmed someone else greatly. I guess I just like it when characters make great revelations about themselves, especially when they then strive to fix them right away.

I want a sushi pillow. D:

It was nice to see her call Ko to try and correct her mistake. It was also good that he finally had the guts to reveal that he went to visit her (and failed). It's hard to admit such a cowardly move like that, so it's very commendable. Either way, Ko seemed to let go extremely easily; he must have wanted the other girl anyway. I still get the feeling that he will reject her and keep chasing Ohana to add more drama to it. It'll probably be a much later occurrence though, like after Ohana and Tohru get together.

She is too well-versed to not be speaking from experience.

I fully expect this Tohru X Ohana thing to happen. It must suck to be Minchi, sitting back without being able to do anything. It will be awesome. Tohru clearly likes Ohana; the question is if she has feelings for him. The rational part of my mind tells me that this will never happen and Ohana will turn him down, but I can't help but pray that this will happen. It would make for the most awesome drama. I mean, Minichi seems to have worked at the inn for some time now, and the fact that she still can't cook the basics proves that she is worthless.

Ohana's uncle was such a crybaby.

This anime is finally looking good again. I think making the storyline more continual was the key to making it have a better feel. With each episode so secluded, you just can't get into watching it episode after episode. It is definitely redeeming itself in my eyes; I hope it continues on this trend. Nothing like drama to make Ohana's slice-of-life more interesting.