Dog Days 12 - The Long Farewells

So, we quickly learned of the prerequisites to sending the Hero back to his own world, with a super duper twist. *le shock* Sadly, at this point, a dramatized version spanning two episodes would probably have been better than the crappy prophecy that turned out horribly.

The entire episode was dedicated to the Hero going around and giving each character a chance for one last interaction with him. It was nice to give each character this kind of attention; too bad they were pretty short to fit the large number of characters. I mean, even Millihore's maid got named out; I think that was the first time we have even heard her name.

Rehashing the bath scene was some nice fanservice, though I was hoping that the Hero would end up confessing his love to her, at least. Though, they've made it blatantly obvious that the only thing he will remember, if not everything, will be Millihore's name. Based on the happy-go-lucky theme that they used to butcher the climax, I am inclined to believe that he will remember everything and somehow find a way back. Oh yeah, he is also probably going to give the super-duper prized stopwatch to Millihore before he leaves.

Sigh, sigh, what have you done with my Leo-sama? She went from absolutely awesome to one of the worst characters in this anime (and this season). I think that was one of the huge factors that made me hate this anime more. It is always tough to see your favourite characters fall so hard.

I'd worship her if she could beat Godoka.

Well, one final episode to head back home and find out why the hell Becky was important to the storyline. Seriously, I hope there's SOME reason why she got random screen time in this anime. I think I am hoping for too much, though; having a character actually do something of importance seems to be too much for this anime. It'll be one final episode to end the pain; I had high hopes of this anime, so I guess I am just a hopeless dreamer.