Tiger & Bunny 07 - Vigilante Justice

In the seventh installment of Tiger & Bunny, we get more on the character Lunatic, who made his appearance at the end of the previous episode.  This is a rather well-paced episode; I'm glad that they're not going too fast with the story involving Ouroburos because this show is running for two cours.

After Lunatic roasts the guy with the Ouroboros tattoo on his neck and escapes, Barnaby reveals to Tiger that Ouroboros was behind his parents' murder amidst his frustration.  Fire Emblem and Tiger deduce that the blue-flamed NEXT, Lunatic, could be silencing the Ouroboros members that were caught.  Something else worthy of note is that when Tiger is thinking about Barnaby's situation, he looks over at the above photograph, which heavily hints that his wife is already dead.  I expect they will have more to say about this later on in the story.  On another family-related note, I'm looking forward to the moment Tiger's daughter finds out about his secret identity.

Tsunkuudere reporting in.

Since Barnaby isn't answering any of his calls, Blue Rose is called in to work with Tiger on what seemed to me like a charity event.  Although what Blue Rose says is somewhat ambiguous, I'm leaning towards her having some feelings for Tiger.

The latter half is the meat of the episode; Lunatic makes his next appearance and clearly demonstrates that he is a vigilante.  When the heroes are about to raid a crime syndicate's hideout, Lunatic sets the hideout ablaze and flees.  Barnaby makes chase in an action sequence that I enjoyed quite a bit.  Lunatic, as he escapes once again, makes it clear that he follows his own code of justice, while Tiger retorts that what he's doing is just murder.  The criminal that survived the destruction does not have the tattoo, which suggests that Lunatic is just offing criminals in general, rather than being connected with Ouroboros.

Oh, the subtlety.

They make it obvious that the judge is Lunatic.  In fact, I think some people even called this weeks before.  This makes quite bit of sense, because his job would allow him easy access to information on these criminals.  Of course, Tiger and Barnaby don't notice that the color of this guy's tie is the same as Lunatic's flames.  Overall, I enjoyed this episode and I look forward to how Tiger and crew will handle Lunatic.