Hanasaku Iroha 07 - The Tomoe Filler Episode

We got an episode entirely centered on Tomoe. This episode felt like filler more than anything, due to Ohana doing pretty much nothing the entire episode. Then again, slice-of-life feels like filler to me to begin with. *evil jeer* I guess anime like these rely heavily on liking the characters to push you to continue watching.

I guess that is the reason why AnoHana is preferred over Hanasaku. It has a set storyline that moves forward with every episode, while Hanasaku does not. I, for one, am favouring AnoHana lately since Ohana just doesn't have the charm to keep me amused for 20min. It didn't help that the episode was also focused on Tomoe, who I don't really care for. She is 28 years old and going through her midlife crisis; it's kind of early, don't you think? Maybe things are different in these small towns...

I guess the main thing that turned me off in this episode was the massive amount of invitations she had on her table. I dunno, but at 28, it seems a bit early to have everyone you know getting married. I mean, it was so much so the table and her mailbox was filled to the max. Over-exaggeration is a staple with anime, but it just felt like a scenario where it's hard to explain exactly what my distaste was.

By the way, God is a stalker; he's omnipresent.

Ohana and  Nako were pretty much joined together the entire episode. In a total of one scene, only one of them was shown. They didn't even try to focus on the main character of the anime in this episode. I don't particularly like Ohana, but she is still better than most of the cast. I guess my indifference to most of the cast members is really why I can't seem to enjoy this anime as much as AnoHana.

Maybe if you enjoyed the characters already, this episode wouldn't feel as bad (kinda like the final episode of Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka), but I think it is too early. On the bright side, it looks like Ko-chan is coming to visit Ohana. I expect an amazing episode when this happens. Either way, I was very unimpressed by this episode. Where are my traps, like with AnoHana?