Hoshizora 06 - Bringing Fanservice to a New Level

I have been informed by Aaro that if I post more borderline hentai pics, I can get more viewership. Well, I refuse to do that, but with so much fanservice this episode, I might as well post the borderline stuff. XD It was a slightly amusing episode, much like every other anime that visits a hot spring mid-season, with even more fanservice than those ones. XD (Well, maybe not as much as Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka...)

The first time the entire harem gathered for a group photo~

So, under the pretense of a "study group", they went to a hot spring to "study". I don't know how many study groups you guys have been to, but not one of mine have ended up with studying. Maybe the first 10min was actual studying. Study groups don't work! Seriously!!

Steam in the female side but nothing in the male side? Very odd movement of steam...

They really did go out of their way to make sure that every girl got some fanservice screentime, though. You gotta cover all your bases so every fanbase gets a taste of what they want, right? All they were missing was animating the scene of them comparing boob sizes. What the hell is boob sumo, anyway? <.< Damn tryhards.

The bitch who stole Ui's brother. 

On a slightly more serious note for this episode, we finally found out what happened to Ui's brother. He fell under temptation of this girl and was stolen from Ui. Apparently, they got married, but what happened afterwards? He never visited after that? Divorced minutes later, losing half his money, and so driven to commit suicide? Either way, much like this screencap, he is out of the picture. XD

The second slightly serious note for this episode, we began to see Ui slowly move in on the main character. She seems to won major points in these passed couple of episodes, and has become the top contender to end up with main character. I'm still leaning on Madoka coming out on top by the end, but that is for the climax of the story to decide. Things are looking bad for Madoka, though; she is way too passive to steal him back. Drastic measures must be taken!

Since the first episode, she really hasn't gotten much screentime. She hasn't had a chance to shine lately, which is disapointing. Of all the characters, she is my favourite. It's too bad that she isn't a main harem character; alas, this is the fate of side characters. She isn't even good enough to be a side character in the harem, though; tsk-tsk. Either way, she is still awesome.

I wanna take her home with me... (._.)

Overall, it was a decent episode. It wasn't amazing, but we did get one of my burning questions answered about Ui. They also had a new take on fanservice; at least, in comparison with what I've been seeing lately. Then again, I haven't been following OreTsuba, but those screencaps make me go WTF every time. A fun episode if nothing else, as that is all I watch it for.