Devil Survivor 2 Coming to DS

So, I learned yesterday that a second Devil Survivor was coming out. I would've posted yesterday, but my hand hurt, so I didn't want to type. This is different from the already-announced remake of the first Devil Survivor on the 3DS (which I am interested in too).

The game will feature an all new cast of character fighting back mysterious invaders known as the ‘Septentrion‘. To stop the threat, our heroes strike up a pact with The Devil becoming the 13 Devil Messengers. Players will have a time limit of 7 days to defeat the Septentrion before they wipe out humanity.

Here is the new trailer for the game and the official page. This is one of my favourite games (my other top games would be Advanced Wars, The World Ends With You and Knights in Nightmares) for the DS, so seeing a second installment is awesome. It's set to come out on July 28th, but that's the JP release date. I hope the English localization doesn't take too, long since the first NA version did remarkably well. Here's some extra info if you're interested in more details.