Denpa Onna 06 - The Life and Times of Ryuuko

It was a very Ryuuko-centred episode this week, which was vastly different from the Erio-centred episode from last week. Does this mean that, next week, Maekawa will be the star? I was relieved to see that Erio wouldn't be the focus of this episode, but the setting and such is feeling so stale lately. I think I'm just growing bored of the humour they're throwing at me. D:

It's bad when it's an episode centred around my favourite character and I still find it boring. Something is clearly not clicking at the moment for me. I can't pinpoint what is exactly the problem, which is rare. Things haven't changed much, so I can only assume that the humour has become stale. You can only tell a joke so many times before you stop laughing.

One major thing I love is humour that breaks the forth wall, which did get a couple of chuckles from me. Watching Erio and Ryuuko struggle to keep Makoto's attention was nice. This episode was probably the first time the main character showed that he wasn't interested in Erio. That was actually very surprising, considering how main of a character she is. It is very rare for an anime to only have one real contender for the main character's girlfriend. At least it is the girl I like the most.

I mean, quite a few times Makoto shrugged off Erio's antics this episode. That seemed vastly different in the sense that it seemed that he had fallen for her in earlier episodes. Maybe their relationship is really platonic? I am still a little skeptical about this one, but things were definitely different. Erio still seems like the one most likely to be with Makoto; she is the main character.

Foreshadowing? Probably not...

Well, at least the old lady gave good advice. It's nice to see sound advice in an anime; it gives a chance to not only impart knowledge to the main character, but also to the viewer. It's probably some really hard advice to follow in high school, when peer pressure is huge, but it's still sound advice. I doubt he will admit that she is his cousin, though, to help him look "better". Not that it matters; he doesn't seem to talk to anyone else in the class.

All said and done, I still feel that this anime is losing steam with me. Things aren't pulling me in as they did when I first started watching it. I guess a huge factor was the mystery behind Erio; with that gone, it feels too much like a slice-of-life. It will be a tough couple of weeks to finish blogging about this series; it'll be a test of my tolerance. Only halfway through the season, too... Gah.