Some Madoka Shimeji I Came Across

So, my random browsing today has led me to the discovery of Shimejis. I am now wasting system resources and having them over-running my desktop. They are so fun to play around with; I mean, you can throw them around the screen. XD Since I found them so awesome, I decided to share them with you people.

Here is a screenshot of all the ones I included in the zip (packed them together cause I'm too lazy to create separate files):

I use the HomuHomu and Kyoko (this is the best done one, in my opinion) ones, but I guess some people might like sub-par characters, like Sayaka. Either way, enjoy~

File name: Madoka Shimeji.rar
File size: 23.44MB

On a side note: I guess no one cares about my random poll about Aaro's post length. I don't care if no one cares about Aaro, but I'm sad that no one picked the option for me. D:

Edit: If link becomes broken, leave a comment and I'll reupload it