Steins;Gate 1

So, this doesn't air until tomorrow but a live stream version was aired yesterday and has been subbed already. This and [C] are probably my most anticipated anime of this season (probably just like everyone else). I actually don't know what to think of this episode, mainly due to the clear low-quality video. I think the monochromatic nature of the video was intended and not just bad colouring, which I didn't like too much. It all seemed a little too dull.

~sigh sigh~

So, they mentioned John Titor in the middle of the anime, where I had to actually Google it to see if it's real. Surprisingly, it is a "real" person that claimed to be a time traveler. I guess we will see how closely this story relates to what Wikipedia tells me about him. It was an interesting read, but the story he gave had some clear discrepancies, which does lead me to believe it was just a cleverly-masked troll. It is at least very interesting; someone else's belief on what the future will be.

This episode seems to be a huge info dump with a lot of talking. I don't have a real and solid grasp of what is going on yet, especially not with them making references to things without explanation. I am still scared the story will be like Chaos;Head - starting off good with a decent amount of mystery, only to turn to crap by the end. So far, the first episode has served to mainly introduce the plot and very simply introduce some of the cast. Nothing other than the names of the characters are really known. My theory so far on this one episode is that he can somehow time travel (more than just his cell phone). I really don't know what is going on here at the moment.

Lulz, published a paper in science!!!

It's still too early to give any definite rating about this anime, other than that it has some prospect. It will take a few more episodes to really tell if I like it or not. I'll probably rewatch it when the first episode actually airs tomorrow, since this stream quality was pretty shitty. I hope it lives up to my expectations.