Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu OVA 2

I have been waiting for this one to be subbed for a while. I thoroughly enjoyed the first season and the quality didn't drop in the OVA, so I can't wait for second season that's coming this summer. The thing is, though, there was not enough of Hideyoshi Kinoshita; I can never get enough of trap characters. XD It was nice to see all the sub characters show up again for the tournament. It was only a short 28min OVA, so none of them really got as much screen time as I would have wanted (particularly Shouko).


The only real thing that bothered me about this episode was that the "major" plot idea was that grades wasn't everything. Yet, here we are (they did this once before), where they clearly studied, so their grades were higher. It's proof that the system at that school worked. Come next year, they would be rearranged to a higher-tier class based on their much higher grades (from studying). I guess I'm not too uptight on that, since this anime isn't marketed as a plot-based one nor does it try to be (*cough cough* Zombie Desk Car *cough cough*), instead focusing on humour - something it does exceptionally well.

I mean, this was just amazing. They went from being the clear underdogs to being merciless bullies beating on two innocent girls. How quick the tables turn; I guess the humour in this show just appeals to me. It's slightly mindless, but not so mind-numbing that I can't stand watching; the perfect balance.

There was definitely not enough Shouko in this episode though; she's by far my favourite character of this anime. I guess I like the whole "super insane and pretty much yandere" archetype. There's not enough yandere characters in anime these days; we need more!!

I was actually pleasantly surprised at how this ended. I was expecting them to lose. I mean, if they win, it kind of breaks the story of them having nothing. I like how they kind of satisfied both sides here; they were able to win the tournament and preserve their crappy classroom setting. There's nothing like surprises to keep an anime fresh and feeling good.

Pro ninjas sure are pro.
I guess all I can really say here is: I loved the OVA. I highly recommend watching at least a couple of episodes of this series if you haven't watched it yet. It definitely ranks as one of my favourite comedy-based animes. I can't wait for Season 2. *squeals*