Rest of the First Impressions of This Anime Season [Part 2]

Random Madoka pic, again 'cause I can...

The only three anime I missed talking about that hadn't aired yet are: Aria, Deadman Wonderland, and Ao no Exorcist. At least they aren't as horridly bad to me like the rest of the ones I reviewed about a week ago. I tried watching the Tea anime, but I couldn't last 3min and the screencaps I looked at didn't seem too interesting.
I guess I'll do them in order they aired:

Aria the Scarlet Ammo
I guess, unlike other people, I'm not as critical about the voice actor or the tsundere-loli-jumping-off-a-building as an entrance; then again, I saw it coming since I read the first couple of chapters already. What really bothered me was the fact that the main character was supposedly super pro but refused to fight, instead wanting to be "normal". It didn't help that the anime was unnecessarily slow, either; they drew out that one chapter for the full 20min. Maybe if they had at least moved faster, it wouldn't half felt as brutal.

End consensus: just another Shana-like anime, albeit a little less annoying. You either like that entire "useless guy being protected by a girl" genre or you don't. I'm neutral about it, but with such slow plot movement, you're better off just reading manga.

Deadman Wonderland
I was very critical about watching this one. This was one of the first manga I followed from the first chapter of its release. I was worried that it would be just like all those other failed manga-to-anime ports; they generally sucked, compared to the original. I was actually pleasantly surprised with this one. They succeeded in portraying the first episode very well, with good pacing. It's definitely a good anime that I will follow but won't blog about. It's hard to talk about an anime when you already know what is going to happen.

Ao No Exorcist
I was actually pretty let down with this one. I read two chapters of this and it didn't seem half-bad. They had a nice set-up for your run-of-the-mill shounen story. The first episode of this butchered it badly, though. It dwelt on points of little relevance other than dragging the story on. I felt the manga wasn't moving as fast as it could to begin with, and the anime only served to slow it down further. I'll chalk this one up to another one of those anime that failed to live up to its manga counterpart (due to selling out). This is a dropped anime for sure, although I might read a couple more chapters of the manga to see where it is going.

Side note: Since all the anime have finally aired their first episode, I've decided to update the Current list. I'm still not quite sure which anime will be picked up for weekly blog post on Thursdays, since there are too many good candidates.