Steins;Gate 03 - "Who'd eat a pervert's banana anyways?"

It's another very informative episode, which I love. We also got a couple of lines that referred back to Kurisu's lecture about time travel; I wish I could've seen the original debate between them. There're no translation packs for the game, yet; I checked. Tsk-tsk. You got a lot of small explanations of how things seem to work, but nothing too concrete on how this plot is going to progress.

Kurisu is one of my favourite characters this season (along with Hot Pants); there's nothing like genius girls that know it and flaunt it. She even got great lines for the half of the episode she was in; I wanted to screen cap them all.

I actually like Mayuri a bit better after this episode too. She makes a good air-head character to offset the balance of brains to a closer equilibrium in the room. Also, watching her sing as she ran up the stairs was awesome.

Indeed, he is.

Plot-wise, things are starting to form up a bit. We got a glimpse of how he can send messages to the past via a magical microwave that I won't question the physics of. We also got to see Kurisu's breakdown, learning how she was disproved about the possibility of time travel. The smarter you are, the harder it is to admit you're wrong...unless you're an idiot with delusions of grandeur... *points at main character* My favourite explanation so far was their take on time travel. I guess, with a premise like this, it's important to flesh out how they perceive time to "work" and how their version of time travel would go (there are quite a few different theories in general).

It was another good episode to thicken the plot. It shouldn't be too long before Kurisu is back to help them out, after getting over her trauma of being wrong. After all, scientists thrive on discovering new things, and this microwave could be the next new thing. Curiosity killed the cat, though I just hope it isn't the girl from the maid cafe... (Horrible joke, I know...) *walks away*

Those shoes are awesome. I want~

Side note: Holy crap, I'm backlogged. Steins;Gate and Hoshizora, and I still want a countdown post for Madoka today. Anything unfinished will kill me tomorrow when EVERYTHING airs. (Looking at it, it's probably all-time high of five posts in one day for tomorrow, so some might spill onto Friday.) So, nothing but hard work now~