Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai Ep03

Oh, look, ep03 of this super ecchi harem anime that I'm watching for reasons that I can't really understand~

So, Tamaizumi last episode and Kobato this episode. Naru, you're a maniac.

This episode was much better than ep02, although it followed the same formula (show snippets of the boys, with minimal ecchi scenes throughout after a super-ecchi scene at the very beginning). In retrospect, I still think that ep02 was slow for some reason, while I thought this episode flowed a lot better. I'm still waiting for the story, although I wonder how deep and intriguing it'll even turn out to be, but episodes like this make this series really acceptable as a pass-time.

I'm sure the typo is overlooked by the sexy scene.

I'm genuinely disappointed in Crunchyroll, by the way. I'm under the assumption that they sub the episodes themselves after being provided the raw ahead of airing time, since they did "buy rights". Typos like this ("dfesire") make me feel like I'm watching a sub-par fansubbing group. I'm not delusional; I know that mistakes can happen time-to-time for even the best groups. (Nobody's perfect.) But when you have a better deadline than your competition (you have the episode before it airs) and you're also getting paid for it, it's really disappointing. (I've got to do more research to figure out details about how Crunchyroll runs, though.)

Really? A question mark because you have no idea what she said? Really?

But, anyway, moving onto the episode. There was no real appearance of Haneda, which I liked because I'm absolutely sure I'll dislike his character. We didn't get to meet Itami, Boy #2, but we did get to meet some more people from the opening directly (namely, Boy #2's love interest, Kobato, who is apparently Haneda's younger sister; I didn't know this...). The episode once again focused on Chitose and Narita, the latter in much greater depth (and that, honestly, I enjoyed thoroughly).

Run away, run away, run away. Such lecherous gazes...!

There isn't much to say about Chitose's scene. It encompassed about 5min, and had him interacting a little more with the heavily-tsundere Tamaizumi (his love interest). I like Chitose better than Haneda, though I don't know where he stands when compared to the unseen Itami, but I can't say I like tsundere types, so Tamaizumi is starting off in the negatives. I need to see how their scenes continue to play out to be able to say more.

It's Lecherous Gaze v2, Girl Style. Snacks, hm...

Naru, Narita's love interest, annoyed me a lot throughout the majority of this episode. I can't stand ditzy girls like her - and whether or not she's ditzy actually does not matter here, because it was her way of speaking that bothered me the most. It's like she's constantly out of breath, constantly toppling with an emotion, and her sentences are enunciated with a constant crescendo. (It's actually like how Mikuru from Haruhi spoke; it annoyed the hell out of me.)

Narita knows Haneda, too. The interconnectivity...!

As the scenes wore on, I actually began to like Naru slightly more simply due to her interactions with Narita. They complement each other, which makes this coupling seem like a good fit. Despite her annoying tendencies (just stop talking, okay?), she knows just how to push Narita. I can overlook bothersome characteristics for the sake of the bigger picture, which is that Narita-Naru are really cementing their role as my favourite couple. (Is it too early to say this, given that we've seen little of any other coupling?)

Bear panties on a goth! Can't deny your true self, can you?

I zoned out for the first bit of the "fight" near the end; it was pretty boring to me. We got to see Otori (Naru's older brother) make an appearance, complete with his adoration of Narita. We also met Karasu (Crow), the black-haired boy that flashes in the opening right before Itami's screen shows up. Otori seems, like in the last episode, pretty psychotic and Karasu seems laid-back with interest only in a few things (kind of like Narita; I do like this archetype). Despite Otori getting shot in the arm (and crazily continuing, undeterred), nothing much really happened. I guess I could say that we saw Narita's extreme lethargy in action; he calmly took care of the situation at the end while continuing to seem tired and uncaring.

He's going to hit Karasu with his helmet but shoot Otori? Wow, such favouritism.

The episode ended with a shot of Haneda and Kobato, eating breakfast (the same shot that Narita thought about before, actually; lazy animators?). The more these episodes focus on Narita, the more I worry that Haneda's spotlight will shine ever brighter. It's pretty clear that he's the main of the male leads; they could be getting some set-up out of the way before turning to the real character. I hope he's not as bad as I'm making him out to be in my head; that would really add some unwatchable factor to this anime.

~Aaro off