Denpa Onna 02 - Freaks Attract Other Freaks

At least we finally get to see her roll up.

I'm relinquishing posting about Anohana to Aaro, since I'm lazy and I stole posting about the first episode from him anyway. I guess I'll start with the easiest post of this mass spam I'll make (or, at least, attempt to) today. We got to meet two more characters this episode, both equally as weird as our cast so far.

Helmets saves lives!

I think I mentioned this in my first post too, but we finally get a main character that's out to conquer a harem. It's clearly shown by the fact that he is getting rated at the end of every episode. I pray he succeeds, but something tells me he won't actually get anything even remotely close.

I'm aiming to be fruity, too! Let's be frenz~ ^_^

The first girl we got introduced to is pretty far off the deep end. I like Ryushi more than the other girl that I'll talk about in a second. She is pretty wacky and is pretty likable so far. I mean, she aspires to be a fruit, just like me. I just have tendency to cannibalize my own kind, though not often. XD

I don't know what to think of her. She seems like the airhead-ish type that kind just sits around doing random stuff. there's something about her seems boring, though, so I wouldn't mind seeing less of her.

They seem to be attempting to move the plot forward a bit by delving further into Erio's past. Not much is revealed yet, but they deepened the mystery about her a bit. Hopefully, the plot moves a bit faster, otherwise I might have to start posting bi-weekly about this anime. It's a fun anime to watch, but hard to talk about if nothing really happens. D: