[C] Me Hate [C] ... No, I'm Just Kidding

Apparently, serious hatred for [C] has brought Rho to the point of needing to blog about it. Maybe you can expect the weekly [C] post from her now. I think she's far more vicious than Pearz (or, at least, just more vocal), so good luck if you like [C].

Go, go, unrelated picture~

On that note, though: I haven't watched [C]. I don't really want to; I'm one of the rare breed of people that not only does not understand economics very well (...or, at all...), but also doesn't want to. I know my vices; this is not even a potential one. From what I've seen of ep02, this is proxy battle using economic terms (and some rules) to name everything. For example, the battles are called deals, the Pokemon are called assets, your life points (or total worth, I guess) are stocks, and so on. I get the feeling they won't teach you much, which is +1 for the me that does not want to learn.

(There's very little [C] after the break; it's more anime in general. You've been warned.)

Cosplay of Mononoke's Medicine Seller (kusuriuri)

I found out recently that the director of [C] (Nakamura Kenji) also did Mononoke. I genuinely loved that. He also did Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror, which I liked too (Mononoke was actually a spin-off from the last arc of Ayakashi). Pearz just suggested Trapeze to me, due to my watching of The Tatami Galaxy, and that's also done by this guy. [C] is coming from a long line of insanity, hm~

Look at all of those roses. Boy Love sets terrible expectations for women.

After much nagging from Pearz about how I obviously had opinions, I've decided that I'll pick up the following anime for this season, including my weekly OreTsuba: 30-sai  no Hoken Taiiku, A Channel, Nichijou, and Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi. I initially didn't want to do these, because I had nothing to say every episode, so now I'll batch them together in groups of 2-3 episodes. That should give me something to talk about.

tl; dr: Expect lots of [C]-bashing from Rho and Pearz. Expect lots of grouped episodic reviews from me. The end.

~Aaro off