Moshidora 1: Business + Baseball = Brutally Boring

I was semi-hyped up about this anime before it aired. I mean, it's an anime based on management principals, which seemed intriguing. Concepts that interest me wrapped in an anime seemed like a nice mix, but they've done it horribly.

I was stoked to hear about an anime that would be airing daily for the next two weeks. If I liked it, I would be busy for a while...but this anime seemed to doing everything wrong.

The most noticeable thing is that the animation quality is very low. The backgrounds and characters barely move, leaving almost nothing to really look at. This, combined with a slice-of-life story, just makes things boring. AnoHana and Hanasaku do a good job at keeping the characters moving around so they don't feel stale. It just feels stale watching this anime.

The basis of the plot wasn't too bad. Business management can easily be related to managing anything, or even just better decision making. The guy on the team even outright mentioned how being on a team could help him in business, as many of these things do correlate. If this was well done, then it could have done a good job teaching some fundamental principles while getting a decent enjoyment factor from it...much like if [C] actually taught anything about economics, it would be amazing; alas, neither of these two do it right.

The problem was pretty much the execution. I can see why it made a good book, because a text heavily explaining how business can relate to baseball would be much more easily done. This is kind of like Death Note or Bakuman; they are forced to cut out a lot of the dialogue and still preserve the story, which is very hard to do. Most of this narrative was just boring or felt nonsensical, since they didn't relate it well enough to what was happening. 

Overall, this episode was very boring even for someone like me who enjoys anything business-related. I might watch a second episode to see if things pick up, which I highly doubt. All the little problems add up to a big problem, making this anime boring. I can't really recommend that anyone should watch this if I can't even sit through the first episode...