Hanasaku Iroha 4 - We Now Know the Name of The Flower We Saw that Day

This post was slightly delayed compared to my usual speed because I've been stuck in post-Madoka lull. Everything seems to be a bit dull in perspective at the moment, so that's making it hard to blog unless I have extremely strong feelings about an episode. This episode fits that category.

I feel like this anime has been dropping ever since the first episode. I guess with such a strong opening episode, things seemed to be moving much slower lately. Maybe I just have too high expectations for this show.

Hey look, it's Ohana is beside the window...slightly out of position, though...

I only noticed after watching this episode, but being a new student must suck. Standing in front of the class introducing yourself while everyone staring at you...this must be killer. I guess it seems vastly different to me, but to them, that's the norm. It's just some random thing I noticed for the first time, even though you see it in anime so often. I guess sitting in the back row beside the window means that they are the main character; it explains why she is super popular in school.

Did anyone else notice she didn't rinse the shampoo out of her hair before storming out? I think this is the third time we got a fanservice scene. They are in a hot spring, after all, so I guess we will have many more scenes like this to come.

I guess I should mention the peak of this episode: learning that Minchi's crush is being stolen by the rival hot spring heir. I imagine a heated battle will ensue, which will finally bring Ohana and Minchi together. It'll be something to bond over, since Ohana's attempt to bond in the bath failed.

God, she's vicious...

At least this arc might prove to be a bit more interesting. There's nothing like a bit of drama to spice up the anime. I hope for tons of hair-pulling and tears to spice up this drama-filled arc. This is definitely still an enjoyable series, but the pacing seems a bit slow for me as of late. Maybe I'm just not suited for the slice-of-life genre...