Dog Days 4 - It's Like They Can Read My Mind

Bunnies ears = cats now?

This episode felt like a troll episode. We were under the impression that we would get the fight between the hero and archnemesis, but it doesn't actually happen in this episode. I forgive it, though; throughout the episode, it was essentially a mindfuck. I was thinking, "Hey, wouldn't this be kool?" ...and then, BAM, it happened. They've seriously got to stop with the mind reading; I think it causes cancer.

We were hinted that the two super amazing generals would be returning to Biscotti last episode. We finally got to see them this episode, and they did have a nice debut.

The doggy is Homura, so the ninja is Madoka?

I'll start at the end, in the sense that the entirety of the episode set up three separate fights between the "generals". I predict that Leo-sama will jump in during the fight between the hero and Gaul, abruptly ending it. This'll give them a chance to have a small taste of a grand fight later.

Oversized weapons ftw.

I guess the one big thing about this anime was actually power balance. The first thing I noticed was that the soldiers guarding the fortress were portrayed as "elite". My first thought was, "If they get owned instantly by the hero, I will be pissed." I rejoiced the second they thought, "If they had artillery, this would be easy..." and then THEY DID.

Seconds later, I was like, "I wonder if they will all get destroyed by artillery fire. Elite guards should be able to rush it and stop it instantly right?" AND THEY DID IT TOO!!! I was surprised that they preserved some semi-balance of intelligence in fighting instead of mindlessly having (fail) "elite" units getting blown up.

Let's skip ahead to the axe-and-ball guy. He was portrayed as some super-powered general. and my initial thought again was, "I hope he doesn't lose to the hero and Eclair, or else that is a little unbalanced," and almost INSTANTLY we found out that he wouldn't be fighting them, instead going for the super elite ninja. The second the ninja actually jumped in, I thought that beating all the elite knights would break the balance, but then the artillery bombing came in, making things acceptable for balance.

At the end, Eclair fighting 3v1 seemed to be unbalanced. This makes me think that the blonde-haired ninja is going to jump in and help her fight, since she has no established opponent yet. This episode was nothing but doing things that sounded like a good idea in a fight and it actually happening, which was enjoyable for me. Either way, the next episode should be entertaining, with all the generals beginning their battles. Hopefully, we won't be trolled again with no fight actually occurring...