Hanasaku Iroha 2 - Ohana Shows Off Her Skillz

Crazy poses ftw.

Finally, another episode of this; felt like I was waiting for an eternity. I can say that this episode wasn't as "strong" as the first episode, but it was still good to watch. I am slightly worried, since the second episode makes it feel like they are turning more towards the slice-of-life genre. I don't particularly hate that, but it gets boring at times. I guess I prefer plots that have at least a good amount of advancement...or something that can make me laugh.
We get another episode of Ohana slowly learning how to work for the first time. What I kind of don't like/get is what is her problem?

She's clearly trying to align herself with Ohana and kind of being partially mysterious. I'll most likely be full of rage when I learn her stupid reason for acting the way she does. That's pure speculation anyway; maybe there is that off-chance she has a valid reason? (Not likely.)

Minko, on the other hand is clear as a bell; you know exactly why she hates Ohana. I do agree with her, though; I would be so pissed off at being upstaged like that. What a way to make horrible first impressions. I would despise if Minko started warming up to Ohana easily - I mean, she has every reason to hate her. To have a quick change of heart would make me hate this anime.

Words of the wise...or just some crazy mother.  I think the biggest thing I like about the anime so far is her monologues. We get an insight of how she feels about things, which I like a lot. It gives you more of a grasp of how our heroine is slowing coping with her new surroundings. That's something that I have huge interest in.

Hmmz, one girl jumping two... Interesting...
I feel it might be moving more towards slice-of-life with all of them getting along. I would prefer a drawn-out conflict amongst the girls rather than seeing them running to school laughing (as the OP and ED suggest). The best thing about this anime for me was the huge contrast between Ohana and Minko. Once they "equalize", I don't think it will be as entertaining. It was intriguing seeing Ohana steal Minko's signature line, but that was quickly retracted, after realizing that wasn't her personality.

Oh god, this will spawn countless doujinshi.
Overall, the anime has the base settings to be amazing. I'm just worried it might move in a direction I don't like. I mean, it isn't bad; I just find that slice-of-life usually moves too slow for my taste. *cough cough* Kimi ni Todoke *cough cough*

I love broccoli, though D: Cooking by preschool is WTF, though.

Pearz Prediction: Her best friend will come visit her and expect an answer, at the worse possible timing for her. It could also turn to possibly her falling for another boy she meets in school. Her mother will also force her to move back home after she is settled in (that is almost a given, though).