Hoshizora 2 - A Walk Around Town

Since gg is busy trolling, I guess I'll finish doing this post now. (Btw, episode 11's sub file [.ass] can be downloaded at Nutbladder's website, and then you can just load it onto the raw to watch.)

We got to officially meet more girls in his harem. I wonder, though: since this anime airs at 9:00am on Monday, just who is it aimed at? This clearly isn't a kid's show, and generally everything else airs after midnight, so I'm kind of lost. Random note aside, it was a pretty humourous episode.

Here's most of his harem together.

Judging from what's seen in the OP/ED, we have met every girl except the green-haired one (who we will get next episode, from the preview). There were quite a few humourous parts in this episode, which made this enjoyable. The only thing that I was disappointed with was that the inn owner didn't show up; she is the best character so far.

It's a random jazz hands moment!

She is introduced as a classmate of the main character's little brother. The first thing I thought was, "Is he going to steal his brother's girlfriend?" I mean, just how cruel can an older brother be? If he get her, does that mean that's he has a "little sister" and an "older sister" in his harem? This guy would be an amazing overachiever.

She got trolled so hard...

At least now we know what her deal is. The end of the episode, combined with the start of the episode, showed that she has a huge big brother fetish. She is definitely the girl that looks the most promising to make it the furthest with the main character, since they've already kissed. The other girls seem to have their own set roles in his harem, which overall just provide some background humour.

The question will be how much of an influence the childhood friend has. Judging by my previous anime experience, the childhood friend always wins. Ui will probably be okay with just having an older brother and then  his harem will be complete with: a tsundere, a childhood friend, an imouto, a senpai, a loli, and a green-haired girl (that we haven't met yet). There's nothing like a well-organized harem. XD