The Long-Awaited Return of Madoka~!

I wanted to wait until Pearz was up to post this; she can provide better Madoka pictures. So...sorry if my pictures suck; I'm not into Madoka-fandom. *cough*
The official website of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica television anime series announced on Sunday that the anime will resume with its 11th and 12th episodes — the final scheduled episodes — on April 21. [source]
That's right, Madoka's back~ The final two episodes will be broadcast back-to-back (so no waiting time in between); apparently Tokyo missed out on the 10th episode too due to TBS' earthquake coverage news, so they'll get all three in tandem.

I hate how I'm fully on the Madoka bandwagon, but I do love how at least Madoka will finish on the air instead of in the BDs.

~Aaro off