First of the New Anime Airing Today - [C]

So, both Nutbladder and gg finished subbing this at same time, along with Denpa by Underwater-Commie. I found it humorous to download them all at the same time. I'm doing [C] first, since I watched it off the Funimation rip before rewatching it. There's one thing for certain: it was definitely not what I was expecting and, at this moment, I feel like I got trolled by this anime.

So, here is a jist of how this anime started. We started off all mysterious, wondering what exactly is going on. It was pretty much a long info-dump of nonsensical stuff. Then, it hits you like a ton of bricks: a summoning. During no point of the description was I led to believe there were any Pokemon elements to it. I don't hate Pokemon, per se, but it threw me way off. I was pretty shut-off for the rest of the episode after this.

This episode was a huge info-dump, explaining about the "Financial District" and there will probably be another huge info-dump next episode, since he is travelling to it for the first time. He will be able to pick his Pokemon...

...and go battle with other people for money. Btw, they get summon girls instead of monsters because it is a "mature" anime. I was seriously expecting this anime to be about...economics...if even a bit. It had a total of maybe three lines related to that subject. That was the main selling point for me. I love economic talk and I got Pokemon instead.

The one stand-out point that I seem to like is the main character and his love interest. For once, the girl isn't chasing after the boy and wondering why she is being rejected. We get a semi-realistic scenario of the boy chasing after a rich girl that already has a rich boyfriend. At least this premise point is something I like.

I hate clowns.

I'm still too in shock over what I have seen to really comment much. The series isn't bad just yet; I just feel trolled...really badly. I'll be watching another episode to see if things are looking up; hard to pass early judgement when it is anime-only. They could do anything with it...maybe even get econmic talk in it!!!