The Final Madoka-less Thursday

By now, most Madoka fans know that the anime is airing again next week. I, for one, will be anxiously waiting for it to come out. Hopefully, gg will be fast with their subbing.

Poor Sakura.
There was a Madoka-related rant, but I hated how it turned out so I just scrapped it. It's my first time scrapping a 3/4-finished post due to the quality. Either way, I'll instead write some fanfiction for Madoka. There'll be some small spoilers, so be sure to have watched until ep10 of Madoka.
So, I'll continue where ep10 left off:

"Homu Homu, you have zero chances against Walpurgis Night. Madoka will be MINE!" QB said with conviction.

"You can never take her from me. Our love transcends time," Homu Homu countered with a clear look of determination in her eye.

"We will see who will be the one to sway Madoka into their arms!" QB walked away with an evil laugh.

As another day began, Madoka woke up to the chirping of the birds in the morning. The fateful day had arrived; Walpurgis Night. Madoka did not know what to expect other than a warning that Homu Homu had left her.

I know I shouldn't go there, but I worry for Homu Homu-chan. What if she isn't strong enough? Maybe I can be less useless and turn into a magic girl to help her. I mean, maybe if  I change, I can be a bit kooler instead of being Homu Homu.

Madoka snapped back to her senses as she started preparing for the school day.

On her walk towards school, she saw why her best friend had changed so drastically. In front of her, Green Mugi was holding hands with Violin Guy.

What blasphemy. I thought we were friends. To steal him like that from Sayaka... That's unforgivable.

"You could do something about it if you were a magic girl. Maybe get revenge for your best friend? I mean, she died because of it," QB announced as he appeared from the bushes.

"Revenge, hm?" Madoka pondered the idea.

"Think about it, think about all the things you could do to her. She clearly wasn't much of a friend if she back-stabbed Sayaka like that..."

"I do feel bad for Sayaka, but I've known Green Mugi for a long time. With one friend dead, she's my only friend left."

"If you were a magic girl, you would have a new friend - Homu Homu. You could frolic around, killing witches together. You know she could use your help for Walpurgis Night."

"That is pretty convincing. I mean, Homu Homu is also way kooler than Green Mugi. We could play together all the time. It'll be a new BFF to replace Sayaka. I wish-" Madoka broke off as she thought more deeply about the situation.

"No, Madoka, I would be a better BFF than that useless Sayaka. Don't compare me with that subpar magic girl. You don't need to become a magic girl to be my BFF," Homu Homu said as she appeared out of thin air.

"We can plot our revenge together without you turning into a magic girl. Let's get to class before we're late." Homu Homu grabbed Madoka's hand.

Madoka, still dazed at Homu Homu's dazzling figure, nodded gently as they held hands and skipped off towards school.

"Madoka will be mine before this day ends," QB whispered to himself in rage.

It was supposed to be just some short random story but I kind of got more into it as I started writing. So, I guess this will turn into a two-part story that I'll finish later. I think you can see my clear unbais between the magic girls. XD I want a bit more time to wrap it up, to make sure the quality is better. Didn't feel as good as it could be due to the time constraint I set upon myself. Anyway, it's just a short random post in preparation for the three new anime airing today that will probably get a blog post too.