Denpa Onna 01 - A First Look at Futon Girl

Well, I was pleasantly surprised with this anime. This is the second of the anime airing today that show promise (only AnoHana remains), and I can say that it was clearly up my alley (as Aaro predicted). It's definitely something to add to my list of episodic blogging.

Talk about an elephant in the room...

I guess I'll start off with what they started with: the introduction of the main character. From a generic perspective, it would seem that he was pretty average, but I love him; he's down-to-earth, especially counting how amazing it is to move from the countryside to the city. He even starts planning to have his own harem when he steps in the classroom. I'm interested in seeing how far he gets; there's nothing like guys that are able to get their harem through their own hard work instead of being thrown one.

I guess the main selling point would be the humour, which I loved. I can't say I was laughing non-stop, but it was definitely good enough to hold my attention the entire episode without looking away at other things (which I do often when watching anime). This type of humour is a hit-or-miss, depending on what you're into (which is why I don't watch Nichijou), and this is definitely a hit.

I mean, how can you go wrong with a girl who thinks she's an alien and spends the whole episode wrapped in a futon? There will probably be near zero-plot development in an anime like this, which is a bit of a disappointment but not enough reason to stop watching.

So, anyway, definitely an anime I enjoyed a lot. It will be getting episodic posts, so what more needs to be said? Go watch it. Pro tip: skip the opener; that song was absolutely brutal.