Dog Days 3 - Not Enough Hot Pants

At least the summoning circle had a warning label.

After a long delay, Dog Days was finally subbed. This episode wasn't as amazing as the last one, but it shows that this series is turning out be a nice light-hearted fantasy anime. Inb4 random grim-dark plot twist to make everyone go WTF.

The main character was acting a bit more useless this episode, which is something he hasn't really displayed up until now. That's not a good side to show after having such a grand entrance into a world he should love being a part of. I'm liking him less after this episode; granted, he wasn't that amazing to begin with when compared to some of the other main characters this season. He is decent, I guess.

I guess I was wrong; she clearly has the hots for the main character. There's too many small quirks she did while answering that phone that lead me to believe she thinks of him as more than just a childhood friend. I wonder how much of an impact she will have on the series. I mean, why is she still getting screen time if she won't be integral to the story?

This is obviously a prelude to a flashback of their history. I can't wait until they show this episode; there's nothing like loli-hot-pants getting screen time. She is still in the running as one of the best characters this season.

Enter an archmemesis! Every hero needs an enemy to further contrast how amazing he is. This episode was a huge info dump about the basics of the war system. I am always a huge fan of inner workings of a system. It gives more insight and facts you can use later to argue inconsistencies to further your understanding.

There's something about the purple-haired cat girl that makes me want to know more...

It was not a bad episode, but it could have used more hot pants...or at least some battling. Though, we're definitely guaranteed a 1v1 standoff between our hero and his new archenemy. Hopefully, the battle won't disappoint. I'm still leaning towards that random grim-dark plot twist somewhere in this anime.