A Conclusion to My Random Madoka Fanfiction

It has been over 12 hours since Dog Days aired and there are still no subs; damn Ayako. As I sit here, bored and waiting for the subs to appear, I've decided to finish up my fanfiction. Here is first part of story, which I started on Thursday.

Aaro usually edits posts like these, since I'm pretty bad at this kind of thing. I spent as much time editing it as I did writing it, so I hope I got almost all the errors. Either way, before Aaro removes this comment, it was only edited by me, which means it might not be as well done.
(Aaro Note~ : I apologize for sleeping. I'll be better next time.)


Madoka sat in a daze in the classroom, barely listening to the mundane lecture the teacher was giving as she glanced out the window at the afternoon sky.

So, Walpugis will be arriving tonight. Will Homu Homu be all right? I still worry for her. ...what am I thinking? She's way to kool to lose; even better than Mami was as a mentor-ish magic girl. 

"What are you thinking about? How to best plot your revenge for Sayaka?" asked Homu Homu as she walked up to Madoka's desk. It was the break between classes. "If you need some ideas, I've got some. We could feed her off to a familiar and get more grief seeds!"

There was a pause and an evil grin appeared on Homu Homu's face. "No, wait! Maybe we can get QB to turn her into a magic girl, because it is suffering."

"As amazing as those suggestions are, I was thinking something smaller, like...I don't know, throwing thumb-tacks in her slippers?" Madoka muttered.

"Wow, that's sick. What is wrong with you? It's okay, though,.I forgive you even if you're a bit sick and twisted," Homu Homu said with a serious face.

"I guess we can just use your second plan, then. We would just need a way to get-" A deafening roar filled the air as the ground shook violently, interrupting Madoka. Walpurgis had arrived much sooner than expected.

"What? She always appeared at the same time. Why was it early this time? This must be QB's doing," Homu Homu stammered, unable to hide her shock.

"Why would you think it was me? I'm not the one trying to change the occurrence of events. Did it ever occur to you that you are causing your own misery?" QB asked, smiling from the windowsill.

Homu Homu didn't have time to ponder the idea; she knew that she had to confront Walpurgis before her powers fully awakened. She leapt passed QB, leaving Madoka alone with the creature.

"She needs you, but she just can't admit it. You know what must be done. Must you see Homu Homu fall before you can accept it?" QB questioned with an unchanging expression.

"I-I-I... She was adamant that I shouldn't seal this contract," Madoka whispered.

"Let's go watch Homu Homu. I'm sure you will change your mind when you see her losing for yourself." QB turned and leaped out the window.

"Wait for me! I need to use doors like a normal mahou shoujo!" Madoka raced out of the classroom, filled with students that were still dumbstruck over what was happening.
(Aaro Note~ : I have no idea what she meant with those three words.)

As Madoka looked up in the sky after exiting the school, she could clearly see Walpurgis Night. The buildings surrounding it had been left in ruins.

"This way, Madoka! We can get a nice view over here," QB called out from the distance before darting off.

Madoka ran as fast as her little legs could take her. Exhausted and panting as she finally caught up to QB, she glanced up to see Homu Homu in the heat of the battle.

She doesn't look like she's doing that badly. I was wrong to doubt her. After all, she is absolutely amazing. 

"You don't see it, do you, Madoka? She may look like she is fine, but there are limits to her ability. She gets more exhausted with each time stop she does. She won't be able to keep up with Walpurgis soon," QB hinted, eerie with his unchanging expression.

Almost like a premonition, Homu Homu took a devastating blow from Walpurgis.

If only Mami were here! She would be able to do something.

"See, she won't be able to hold out. You can save her and help with entropy or whatever crazy reason I gave you earlier," QB beamed, his smile adding amusement.

"I guess this is no time to hold back my trump card," Homu Homu exclaimed with a huge grin on her face.

She proceeded to pull out from her shield a yellow hairpin. In an instant, Madoka could recognize it; it was Mami's.

"I told you that the Grief Seed I got that day was for Mami," Homu Homu affirmed as she revealed a very dim yellow Soul Gem.

Homu Homu touched it with the Grief Seed and immediately the Soul Gem began to glow brightly.

"This is her soul, after all. With such a glowing gem, it won't be long before her body re-materializes. I just need to hold out a bit longer!" Homu Homu handed the hairpin to Madoka before leaping once again towards Walpurgis.

She's back, she's back! Everything will be solved, with Mami here too.

Madoka watched as a body slowly materialized in front of her, still to her disbelief. 

"Where am I? What happened?" a dazed Mami blurted as she sat up.

"Mami, Mami, are you okay? You have to help Homu Homu or else she might lose!" Madoka exclaimed as she lunged at Mami, hugging her. 

"Last thing I remember was...dying...?"

"Homu Homu saved you, but she can't beat Walpurgis by herself. She needs you!"

"I guess it's no time to sit around and talk. I've got a witch to kill," Mami announced as she leaped off to help Homu Homu. 

The real battle had just begun. Madoka watched as Homu Homu rifted in and out of existence, avoiding Walpurgis' attacks while shooting at her during the gaps. Mami joined in, firing musket shot after musket shot. Despite it, Walpurgis seemed unphased by the attacks, almost as if they were nothing but flies bothering her.

As the battle raged on, Mami and Homu Homu's exhaustion seemed to be catching up to them. Their movements dulled with each passing minute.

"Tiro Finale!" Mami shouted as her signature giant gun appeared.

A deafening blast was fired towards Walpurgis, which was still unscratched. Mami's finishing move was only strong enough to draw Walpurgis' attention for a moment.

"Nothing is working! We're doomed!" Mami held her head in her hands, with a weird twitch in her eye.

"Mami, keep your head on your shoulders [pun intended], we can do this. I didn't want to resort to this but it was a trick I learned from different timeline," Homu Homu reassured with a calm voice.

Homu Homu leaned in, whispering into Mami's ear as she kept nodding to signal her acknowledgment.

"Okay, let's do this," Homu Homu announced with a shout that could pierce the heavens.

"Fuuuu.... sionnnn....HA!" both Mami and Homu Homu shouted while doing a strange dance leading to them pressing their fingertips together.

QB couldn't help but facepaw at the ridiculousness of it. It didn't really matter though; in the blink of an eye, an enormous blast was fired from the fingertip of the fused magic girls, vaporizing the witch. It was almost as if the earlier struggle was just a pointless ruse to build up drama.

"How is that possible?" QB stuttered.

"I told you that you would lose," Homi Homi exclaimed as she swiftly killed off QB.

"What does this mean? Is the fusion permanent?" Madoka questioned with a puzzled look.

"I didn't want to resort to this, but we will forever be fused. It was the only way. It is win-win situation, anyway. You longed for Mami's return, as I longed for you. With this, we can both be happy," Homi Homi explained as she moved in to hold Madoka in her arms.

"Being without Madoka is suffering, but the night is young. How about a reward for all my hard work today...?" Homi Homi lay Madoka on the ground.

"No, not there...!" Madoka cried out to no avail.


I hope you enjoyed my random fanfiction. I think my biggest issue writing this was trying to keep to the "scenario" of Madoka while adding in the crazy humour. I found myself bouncing back to writing a more grim-plot at various times, and then having trouble adding in the humor. It's not my best work (I think my short story for Allods was much better), but I think this second half turned out decently. Pro tip I got from writing this: stop trying to write a story without a fleshed-out plot in your mind. It made things much harder to meld together.

ETA on Madoka: 5 more days.