AnoHana 01 - The Not-So-Well-Hidden Secret

I don't get why everyone is so butthurt about Shaft's head-tilting; they're everywhere.

This is the final new anime airing today that is worth watching, and it's finally subbed. I wasn't expecting much from this anime since I generally don't enjoy slice-of-life, but I found myself liking it. So...there's been two slice-of-life shows that genuinely peaked my interest this season; that's pretty rare. I can't tell if it is my taste changing, or maybe they're actually just getting done better. It's probably a bit of both.

Sigh, kids... I hate him already.

So, the big secret that they weren't really hiding is that Menma is dead. *shock* I mean, from the beginning, he mentioned that his dad didn't notice and then there was the "zero reflection" bit. It pretty much gave me the idea early and then the second OP started, it became obvious. Well, it's not like they were trying very hard to hide it.

I might not be able to read katakana, but with the kanji: shouldn't the 2nd and 3rd ones be reversed?

I guess this line was the kicker for me. I like to include a kick at the end of all my posts (or, at least, attempt to), and seeing a nice kicker here really motivated me to want more. At least some nice character development will occur in this anime; that's something that peaks my interest.

Even when they were kids, Yukiatsu acted too kool for the rest of them. Poppo also seems to act exactly the same for the two seconds we got of him; let's see how long this holds true. My theory is that Yukiatsu secretly liked Menma while Anaru liked Jinta. We will probably see more of this as the drama develops, unless it's just my paranoia speaking.

This is definitely a good anime, being another coming-of-age story to rival Hanasaku Iroha. It's hard to say which one is better at this point, but I'm pretty sure there will be a heavy twist near the end that will make me cry. I'll compare them more later but, for now, just another amazing anime this season. There are just too many good anime and I can't blog about them all.

By the way, Aaro was supposed to do this post, but he was busy so I stolez it.
Four posts in one day; I think I'm done for now.