days past our megaten lives ~ 1.0

To start off: today marks the 2-year anniversary of this blog. Yay...? I kind of forgot about it a year ago. I was reminded of it a month or two ago (for a reason that I've now forgotten), and since then intended to at least make some sort of post about it. Before a trip down memory lane, I decided to (finally) change the name of the blog slightly. Since people still look for it by the old name, I deviated it by one word, thus making it a more accurate description of the blog today. It was the work of a pure genius. *pats self on back*

Over the last few months, as I've been blogging more and more (not just about anime but actually in general), I have been getting a better handle at doing things. Looking back, I used to be a pretty fledgling blogger. This latest spur, after almost 2 years have gone by, is what really helped improve things. I mean, I went from posts where pictures were cut off to extra small pictures to testing with putting text beside images to the current setup (which I like the most at the moment, obviously). There's been lots of dabbling around with things. Hopefully, I get better as I blog more.

This image is still so awesumz (from my old event).

I quit Megaten quite some time ago, but I'll mark this day one year ago as the official day I quit, since I started giving away my gear. This is something I have never done in a single MMO that I have ever played. I wanted zero reason to ever log in again. On my trip back to the Megaten forums, I looked back and saw no real new content, so I'd clearly made the right choice. I mean, some of the other games I look back on (like Cloud 9, Vindictus, Allods...) have really gotten loads more content in a year's time.

I can't help but think that Megaten is struggling now. The game list on Aeria's page is pretty much ranked by how well a game is doing and Megaten is really at the bottom. Looking back on the forums now, the first page of General Forums have only 3-4 threads that are posted to per day. The last post on the first page is over a month from the current date; this is really WTF compared to back when I used to play. Every day or two, the entire first page of the Megaten forums would roll over. I mean, it is pretty hard to keep a player base spending when nothing new is being added. I guess the failure in this end is from Cave. They are the developers and if nothing is made, nothing can be localized to English.

I guess I've dwelled on Megaten long enough. The blog was spawned from it, so probably not all bad, I guess. Looking back, it was a fun ride until the game ran out of content.

So now, more about the blog's status update. I was contemplating between "days of our megaten lives v2.0" or the current one, and I think it is obvious which one was chosen. That graphical change to the title took unexpectedly longer. The simple change took a whopping two hours, with most of it devoted to making that strikethrough "perfect". I just couldn't find the right balance of whether to strike or to use a swiggly line. Being a perfectionist, I couldn't even accept the line being slightly off, leading to a gruesome task. Also, I did it with MS Paint, so I couldn't just get the right line and put the to images together (like with Photoshop and layering). It was a nightmare getting it right but I think I finally did it.

Interestingly, within the same week, I learned more about the anime blogsphere (from two of the blogs I lurk), giving me the chance to attempt to join it (Anime Nano). I decided today would be a good day to join up to maybe feel more "official". We'll see how well that goes. Either way, I doubt much will change with the blog itself.

Also, I've included a new "Pearz' Current Things" page, for lists of current stuff that I can easily go to for updating. It also serves as kind of an FAQ of what my blog posts will probably be about for that certain time frame. Maybe I can expand that a bit more later. I'll see.

I've been meaning to widen the page for quite some time now, so I took the time to finally find out how to do it. It wasn't too difficult, but I haven't actually gone back to look if the older posts all look funky now. XD

It just so happens that today is also launch date of 3DS system. I'm just waiting until it gets hacked so my games are free. I still need to try it, too; I mean, they pitch that it's 3D and you have to try it in person to get the real "feel" to it. It's more a curiosity thing, though; it does still feel a little gimmicky. Well, guess I will have to see for myself. At least the launch price seems relatively inexpensive compared to what was originally predicted.

I guess, after a long rant: "yay for two years" and "I'm a genius" are all you really need to take from it.